All Time Best-Selling Video Games 🕹 -

All Time Best-Selling Video Games 🕹

World Data 3D
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All Time Best-Selling Video Games 🕹

👋 Hey! Welcome to World Data 3D 🌎
My name is Timur. I’m professional 3d modeling artist. I make my videos with Unity 3d and Blender software.

Here are the main steps how I create a video 💻📽 :
💡 First of all I come up with a topic. Then I collect the necessary information from statistical sites, forums, discussions in various communities (All sources can be found below). Then I start assembling the scene. When the scene is ready, with the help of a neural network, I create unique cantileveres and make a preview. After this I’m looking for music on youtube creative studio or fair use sites. Finally I do video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.

My videos are for entertainment purposes only.
Figures and facts at the time of creating video and watching it – may be strikingly different. Everything is purely individual. Don’t forget about this.
All the videos are created by myself. Copying without permission – prohibited

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DISCLAIMER: This comparison is based on public data, surveys, public comments & discussions and approximate estimations that might be subjected to some degree of error


  1. マインクラフト作った人は本当に天才だと思う

  2. Injusted for inflation? You can't compare video game prices in 1985 to today. Prices. $1 in 1985 is $1.82 now

  3. Japan an USA are the Kings of the gaming world

  4. Тетрис русский алоооо

  5. Tetris was created in the USSR by a Russian engineer, but not in Japan

  6. I got the most Dubz in whole world 🌎 lol 😅

  7. Indian didn't even participated in war, still lost 3M people, all thanks to Britishers

  8. Can’t stand mario kart Wii. Double dash is so much better!

  9. Meu Overwatch ta em 9 lugar q orgulho 🥰🫶

  10. Siempre lo mas feo encabeza las encuestas

  11. STALKER > ВСЕ ИГРЫ кто могласен?

  12. Прикол в том, что тетрис советская игра

  13. Тетрис – советская игра. А сколько нелегальных копий продано – вам расскажет Алиэкспресс👍

  14. Тетрис в ссср сделали гений

  15. GTA5 IS FROM GREECE!!!???? 😮😮

  16. Где Скайрим ? Как минимум 60 миллионов проданных копий должно о чем то говорить.

  17. тетрис был запущен в СССР в 1984 году!

  18. What free fire not available bicus free fire downloader 1b???

  19. Im suprised that lithuanian game is so popular 14th

  20. Nintendo is Brutal, 80% these games are from them… And Mario and Pokémon are absurd.

  21. Пачему нет стандофа фу

  22. 日本すげえというより任天堂すげえ。

  23. What's with the Scottish flag? It's not even a country.

  24. On comprend pourquoi les contenus de qualités se font de plus en plus rare. Le nombre de bouses est juste hallucinant.

  25. This video are not to trust, it's just ti get picture, I already saw a couple videos with wrong info

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