Another Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games For Every Gamer! -

Another Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games For Every Gamer!

Mr. Robot Jo
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I have 10 more amazing games on the Nintendo Switch that everyone needs to check out. There is a game for every kind of gamer in this video. Games we will cover in this video are….

– Celeste
– A Hat In Time
– Inside
– New Pokemon Snap
– Tetris Effect: Connected
– Metro 2033 Redux
– Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist
– Dead Cells
– Minit
– Unavowed

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  1. Bro you deserve so much more support so underrated

  2. Thanks for making these videos. Every time you drop a video you always add at least 2-3 games to my list of games to play lol

  3. Metro 🔥🔥🔥 great picks bro! Gonna add some on my wishlist!

  4. Tetris effect connected is one of the most played games on my switch. Its just incredible

  5. bro idk how you drop videos every day and they are still high quality.

  6. love these videos and love this community. we are the best new community on YouTube!

  7. Im not a fan of horror myself, but I remember playing Limbo on my iPhone and being super excited to hear Inside was coming out on switch! Super compelling story

  8. Good to see Pokémon Snap in the list, I need to check out.

  9. Unavowed is an amazing game as well as Hat in Time!

  10. I’m so excited to get Yu Gi Oh! I’ve been wanting it since I found out it was out for the switch.

  11. dope picks, thanks for always shelling out the content man 🙂

  12. Joe why haven't you put f-zero on any of these lists man? Oh wait nintendo is still freaking holding f-zero hostage for some strange reason.

  13. I just got into triangle strategy. It is a great game if you like fire emblem. It is like combining fire emblem and octopath traveler.

  14. I am surprised you don't have more subscribers, You got that chill vibe to you so i am honored to be along for the ride 👍

  15. A Hat In Time looks like a must-buy for me, and I never would've heard of it without this vid so thanks bro!

  16. I really like your calming voice. Also i keep thinking about getting a hat in time but haven't gotten around to it. I really enjoy 3d platforms! Highly under rated genre

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