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Best 2021 Mobile Games

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The best mobile games use the medium to deliver engaging gameplay and gripping story, and 2021 saw a number of pocket-sized gems. From lovingly crafted RPGs to fresh spins on existing franchises, 2021 was a stellar year for mobile gaming: here’s GameSpot’s best mobile games of the year.


  1. I don't think mobile gaming is fun, especially on an SE

  2. Final fantasy 7 first soldier is fun too!!

  3. Genshin Impact, for some unknown reason, looks frigging amazing on a 34" screen. Why they made a mobile-focused-game look so good on big screens? No idea, but I'm really happy 😀

  4. These movie clips is bad experience to a viewer, delete this

  5. Rocket League Sideswipe is the best this year

  6. Are you kidding me? Where was CoD:M? And other fps games? 😂 This was like "Top potato phone mobile games"
    Only genshin impact i could agree

  7. Rocket league is the best and easiest game to learn

  8. Genshin Impact is amazing, if they keep adding content regularly and add some more quality of life (Android controller support when??), then it will be one of the best games until 2025.

  9. People who say Pokemon Unite is P2W but Genshin isn't, are not very bright. In Pokemon, you can actually earn everything for free and get 3 max level items just for leveling. In Genshin, you have to spend CASH on LOOT BOXES to get characters. How isn't that pay to win?

  10. I don't see Fantasian in the google play store….

  11. You guys should also mention pokemon unite wasn't also a mobile game. It was first released on the switch first and it came to mobile devices later

  12. What's the game playing at 0:06 where the girl is falling to earth?

    GameSpot, please cite clip sources in the video!

  13. I forgot Pokémon unite was a mobile game, I barely heard of the game outside of the people debating over whether or not it’s pay to win.

  14. Top 5 game just from big company . Nice research . Didnt even try any other game in play store lol . Cheap script 🤡

  15. Dont play pokemon unite unles you're a bilionaire worst p2w ive ever seen

  16. i would recommend for someone to play guardian tales, it is small but hey, it is worth mentioning

  17. Maybe one day I'll get to play Fantasian… if it ever comes out of the Apple.

  18. COD Mobile, Among Us and Fallout Shelter have been the most involving for me.. But, I came here to see if I missed anything 🙂

  19. Too bad Fantasian is Apple exclusive =( loving Pokemon Unite but I pretty much only play it on Switch. I did play it once on the phone while in the car though and was happy with the controls =)

  20. Fun fact league of legends had made recent collaboration with Pubg mobile .

  21. Can u play Nerf battle arena?? The game is stunning 😍😍

  22. yeah but you need internet for most of them. what if you just want to play a game and not worry about internet lol

  23. GENSHIN? It's not exclusive, and not a great one reason being lack of content

  24. Not genshit impact 🤮🤣🤣

  25. Genshin impact: a game that does not shove micro-transactions in your face.
    SURE, but only because these transactions can't be called "micro" when anything worth getting costs you several times the price of a AAA title on console/PC. All you get is a teaser that will rob you, once hooked. Like your local d. dealer giving away free samples.

  26. Who is playing COM (Civilizations Of Makudians)?

  27. Genshin impact is without arguably AAA rated game. If miHoYo wasn't a greedy company this game would've been one of the most popular game for at least 5 years.

  28. Genshin will cost you more than any game out there if you want good characters lol

  29. Hope wildrift got released soon on South Asia

  30. I'd like to play Genshin on my tablet, but it runs at like, 15fps. Must need something more expensive than my Samsung A7 Lite.

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