Best Buckets From Stephen Curry's 9-Straight Games of 30+ PTS -

Best Buckets From Stephen Curry’s 9-Straight Games of 30+ PTS

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☔ Become franchise scoring leader
☔ NBA-record 29 3PM in 3-game stretch
☔ Career-best 9 straight 30-point games

Steph Curry has been ON FIRE all season! 🔥

👨‍🍳 Catch the best buckets from Curry’s 9 straight games of 30+ PTS!

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  1. He's the MVP in the most true definition of the award.

    Bringing his team to the post season with record performance numbers.


  2. I know that this video is all about steph but we need to give draymond green some respect for giving steph the ball for almost 60% of all the possesion

  3. He's definitely playing as he never did..MVP for sure

  4. I hope Klay comes back. 2 seasons. Its not looking good. If he comes back and they win a championship they will officially be a dynasty.

  5. First, he’s Stephen Curry. He’s on his MVP shiet y’all best be worried.

    Pull up from half court, fast on a hurry. They be tryna guard him but their vision too blurry.

  6. current 10 and next will also. He will make longest 30+ run in NBA history

  7. As impressive as Curry's current streak is, he likely won't catch Chamberlain's longest streak of 65 straight games.

  8. Why do people think kyrie better then this man 🤨🤨

  9. Put Steph on the MVP ladder.That is how it is supposed to be.

  10. Defenders don't even get mad no more they like its steph man what you expect

  11. Those acrobatic layups and that footwork are as beautiful as those effortless threes. He is the master of his craft

  12. If he steal scoring champ from Beal and carry his team to Playoffs he should be MVP.

  13. Seriously though, is there any other player that teams have to guard this heavily with and without the ball? I’m mean from the logo to wherever he goes and what ever he does, the defender has to be in tight press coverage and hustle like never before, it’s almost insane what kind of attention Curry demands. This is definitely worthy of an MVP, no doubt.

  14. Warriors are running the bel aire offense

  15. The MVP curry is unleashed! He looks like the 2015 curry right now just having fun out there like the pressure he felt before was lifted. Crafty as ever with the way he loses defenders without the ball or with his handles. His shots also look smoother than the beginning of the season. he is actually the scoring leader now surpassing beal. and warriors can make the playoffs but I hope that thought won't weigh heavily on him.

  16. There was a point in time when I thought "Damn, Dame Lillard has worked his way up to Steph's level"… then Steph reminds us just how good he can be and it's like "damn, he's still a tier above".

  17. I recommend waiting till the streak is over beofre making this compilations lol. Looks like he's not done.

  18. is he injured? and whats the all time record for 30 point plus games in arrow is curry close?

  19. He’s my favorite player behind MJ because, like MJ, I’m in awe when I watch him!!!

  20. Give this man sum kinda award if not MVP atleast MV3(most valuable 3 pointer) who shoots 3's like that sheesh

  21. I don’t think people understand what he’s doing with these shots. The dude is playing like 2015-16

  22. 3:53
    "He shooting that, dam"
    Bro knew it was going in when steph shot

  23. Steph is great…and this is not hate I'm just a die hard Lakers fan who loves to play devil's advocate…. You'd still take Lebron over Curry

  24. seriously who the hell disliked this video

  25. I think the reason why he doesn’t get in the goat convo a lot yet is because he makes it look too damn easy

  26. 美しいなぁ。もはや芸術ですね。(^-^)

  27. "Steph is so good, he's even catching the cameraman off guard". HAHAHAHA

  28. this dude single handly savings nba rating.

  29. Now we are all witnessing the greatness of curry without a doubt

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  31. These nine straight games of thirty plus points by my Golden Boy is authentic and more impressive than Harden's stat padding ball hogging shot jacking counterfeit streak 🙄

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