Best Characters Intros in Fighting Games #1 -

Best Characters Intros in Fighting Games #1

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The showcase of character introductions for the best modern fighting games like The King of Fighters XV, Mortal Kombat 11, DNF Duel and much, much more!

The list of all the best fighting games characters:

00:00 Ghostblade – DNF Duel
00:12 Yuel Vs Charlotta – GBVS
00:36 Angel – KOF XV
00:48 Sabrewulf – Killer Instinct + Akuma – SFV
00:59 Rambo Vs Johnny Cage – MK11
01:17 Flash Vs Deadshot – Injustice 2
01:30 Dante – MVCI + Leifang DOA6
01:39 Bob – Tekken 7 + Voldo SC6
01:52 Darli – Samurai Showdown + Oni – SFIV
02:12 Athena – SNK Heroines + Tron – MVC3
02:24 Baiken Vs Anji – GGST
02:58 Goku Super Sayan – DBFZ
03:07 Inquisitor – DNF Duel
03:22 Elphelt – GGXRD
03:44 Thor – MVCI + Batman – Injustice
03:54 SubZero Vs SubZero – MKX
04:03 Galford – Samurai Shodown + Vega – SFV
04:20 Mai Shiranui – KOF XV
04:32 King – Tekken 7 + Nico – DOA6 + Spinal – Killer Instinct
04:51 Scorpion Vs Kung Lao – MK11
05:07 Supergirl Vs Atrocitus – Injustice 2
05:17 Talin – SC6 + Viper – SFIV
05:30 Kano – MKX + Shazam! – Injustice
05:46 Nagoriyuki Vs Leo – GGST
06:18 Charlotta – GBVS + Crilin – DBFZ
06:42 Kum – GGXRD
06:57 Ash – KOF XV
07:12 Ruixiang – Samurai Shodown
07:29 Erron Black Vs NightWolf – MK11
07:46 StarFire Vs Doctor Fate – Injustice 2

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DNF Duel
GranBlue Fantasy Versus
Injustice 2
Mortal Kombat XL
Mortal Kombat 11
The King of Fighters XV
Ultra Street Fighter IV
Street Fighter V
Killer Instinct
Samurai Shodown
Guilty Gear Xrd
Guilty Gear Strive
Soul Calibur 6
Tekken 7
Dead or Alive 6
DragonBall FighterZ
Marvel vs Capcom 3
Marvel vs Capcom Infinite


  1. The constant add are killing me plus that they're not paying this creator for this too is crazy

  2. How the fuck are you going to use the dub for Baiken lol

  3. Leifang from DOA is included in this video? Liked and Subscribe pls include more DOA characters in the next one!


  5. Super Saiyan Goku but no Janemba or Broly (Super)

  6. What about Aganos from Killer Instinct tho?

  7. Me looking for smash victory screen because I forgot it's only after the match

  8. It gets tiring fast forwarding through the nrs games

  9. Arc system works intros are always on another level

  10. S broly from drangonball goes hard and vanguards from dnf duel

  11. Should have added phase 4 in dead or alive 5

  12. Juri, SFV. Short simple, to the point. I chose a waifu character.

  13. Yo… Baiken dandy intro is the best for me..

  14. baiken goat. shame didn't include I-no's from strive

  15. Not including Cell JP intro that everyone was yelling along with at EVO has got to be a joke.

  16. I absolutely love NetherRealm intro dialogues

  17. My man did not put shadow jago's intro 😭

  18. I wouldn't call this "best"
    I mean, for example, what's so special about king's intro? He's just raising his arm towards nowhere.

  19. there is a cool intro to a character named "Reno" from the game Brawlhalla. its a badass character intro.

  20. …………. where is cell intro…………..

  21. 4:32 Me on my way to take a massive dump in the Ikea display toilet

  22. Half of these are literally just thirst-traps with uwu voices, cringe

  23. It should be illegal to use akuma's english voice

  24. The 2nd clip had great bgm what was the name? The grandblue bgm I need it owo

  25. I wish I liked everything after DBFZ. Wish Granblue Versus were different, wish Crosstag was different, wish Strive was different, wish DNF was different

  26. 4:32 I just can't! He looked so lonely and the music just made it feel sad! 😂

  27. Check me out! Part 1 has the Ghost of Christmas "Kick Your Ass!"

    God, Deadpool is hilarious.

  28. Narmaya has the best intro and outro

  29. Missing Akuma's line for any MVC3 God character: "It's always fun to kill a God!"

  30. I entered a lot of intros from different fighting games, did I miss any interesting games?

  31. Fuck Elphelt, best XRD intro is Sin's

  32. Funny thing is that you can fit almost all of the rambo intros here and it would still be relevant 💀

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