Best Cozy Games of 2022 -

Best Cozy Games of 2022

Cozy K
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So excited to bring my favorite cozy game releases of 2022! Let me know your favs! List of games at the end of the video 🙂

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  1. Potion Craft, which only came out in December 2022, was SO good as well. It has wonderful medieval graphics and a cute little garden!

  2. Great choices and many that I would recommend too! I know this was 2021 but I really have been enjoying Lonesome Village as well 🙂

  3. I completely agree with your thoughts on Bear & Breakfast. I speed played it and loved it, but also felt it fell a little short, not to mention the horrible bug on Switch that would make it constantly crash. HOWEVER! the team has announced there will be updates that not only fix bugs but also add items, story line and quality of life. I think it is very much a work in progress and I'm excited to see where it goes. We already had the winter update for PC and it should be out for Switch soon. It added a variety of cozy winter/holiday themed items. I think eventually it will live up to its potential!

  4. My personal top 5 cozy faves from 2022 (from best to least) are Cult of the Lamb, Tinykin, Strange Horticulture, Potion Permit and FAR: Changing Tides.

  5. I think we share the same brain because we had the same top 10 😅

  6. I got Dorf Romatnik off of your recommendation and love it! It is the perfect game if I want to do a quick puzzle

  7. My three games of the year are two parts of Ori and Kena: Bridge of spirits, they are both older releases but soooo cute and I cried many times😂

  8. I'm happy that people are enjoying Dreamlight Valley, but it's not for me.

  9. this is why I love youtube….. lol mannn i love this so much! you can find every form of content on this platform it’s awesome!

  10. ok your makeup in this video is gorgeous

  11. I bought a gaming pc end of 2022 because of my love for dream light valley and fall guys and this list is so helpful while I’m looking for new games! Thank you so much for this

  12. cult of the lamb was definitely the cozy game of the year for me! still playing and enjoying this one daily, though there are several others i still need to try. 🙂

  13. you sold me with the wildflowers game bc i also was going to not play bc it's a farming game. also, you should check out tangle tower for their voice acting

  14. i adore your videos so much!! ♡ they get rid of my anxiety, i just loveee sitting down and enjoying the cozy vibes so thank you!!! (plus you have amazing game recommendations omg) ♡

  15. great video <3 watching you always makes me feel so nice

  16. Wylde Flowers was so much fun I used to play for hours and hours at a time. I was so attached to the characters and so in love with the gameplay.

  17. Ahhhhhh I love dreamlight. It's a problem. I play on xbox !

  18. We are so honoured you included Wylde Flowers! <3 Thank you so much!

  19. Thanks for this awesome list! I'll be including most of these in my shopping list. I must say, It Takes Two is super fun until you reach the elephant scene. It completely ruined it for me. It's so horrifying I stoped playing afterward.

  20. Just a cat doesn’t have to pay tax says:

    My favorite cozy game in 2022 is My time at Sandrock. It’s so well made and really brought me back to gaming after a long while

  21. I downloaded Wylde Flowers spontaneously from Apple Arcade over the holidays and became so obsessed with it that I finished the main storyline in under two weeks 🥹

  22. Just recently got back into animal crossing and i didn’t even know “cozy gaming” was a thing 😅 but now I know I’ve been doing it since ps2 release with my first love Sims 💗💕 definitely gonna check out Unpacking lol it seems like something id like.. still figuring out what types of games I enjoy.. I love how you described the games really went into it that I’m now able to really assess if I would like that game or not. Thnx xox

  23. Dream light valley glitches and freezes alot and I get error with black screen

  24. I love you earrings!! Where did you get them?? I also love these picks and can’t wait to give some of them a try! ❤

  25. Spiritfarer is really good. You might enjoy it

  26. You sold me on all of them, I’ve been looking for games like these! Thanks

  27. The serotonin when you say “cozy friends”☕️🍰🍁

  28. i played it takes two with my boyfriend and it was such a nice time! one one the greates games i played

  29. I would love to know what platform you have played these games on (in the future!)

  30. Randomly enough among my own top tens I would include the "Little Witch in the Woods" pre-release demo, it was so short but I loved that it was the perfect mix of quests, story and potion making, I am so excited for it to be released fully! I also loved Ooblets, the visuals were so satisfying and the music was so good cute (though sometimes repetitive in battle), it was a great upgrade (imo) to the Pokemon-type turn-based fighting format.

  31. When i started bear and breakfast i didn’t love it because it’s soooo clunky on switch. On PC it’s a way better experience and I’m hopeful they’ll continue to release updates for the game!

  32. does anyone know more games like A little to the left and Unpacking… pls??? ITS A NEED

  33. i loved strange horticulture, anyone know similar games?

  34. Currently playing Wylde flowers now liking it so far reason why I got it cause of your recommendations thanks to you!

  35. Had to laugh out loud when I saw that the "Dorf Romantik" chapter in the video was titled "dwarf romantic"

  36. I loved Wylde Flowers! I definitely think they undersold themselves but it was such a fun play. Was sad when it was over!

  37. I just this second finished Wylde Flowers and I was addicted!! Such a lovely game, thank you so much for the recommendation!!🥰❤️

  38. omggg i'm so happy i found this video. I havent played on my switch for a few months after a huge ACNH binge. i'll be downloading all of these 😭🫶🏼

  39. Love your content! Added so much games bcs of you, but sometimes I wonder if I am the only person finding It Takes Two Plushie moment a little…… traumatising. its something i cant stop thinking about. its so CRUEL i will boycot ea for this forever

  40. I needed a list so I could add these to my wishlist, leaving this here jic anyone's in the same boat 🙂
    0:54 #1 Wildflowers
    2:11 #2 Disney Dreamlight valley
    4:07 #3 Ooblets
    5:09 #4 Dorf Romantik
    5:59 #5 A Little to the Left
    7:18 #6 Coral Island
    9:29 #7 Strange Horticulture
    10:51 #8 It Takes Two
    12:25 #9 Cult of the Lamb
    13:46 #10 Two Point Campus
    15:27 #11 Bear & Breakfast

  41. im my silly goofy binge watching mood, and when you mentioned louigis mansion and it takes two it made me think. Can you made a game rec video on co-op games? specifically for switch if I can be greedy but if not its ok lol

  42. It takes two was probably the highlight of the year for me – we almost got addicted

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