Best DAY ONE Games coming to Xbox Game Pass in 2023 -

Best DAY ONE Games coming to Xbox Game Pass in 2023

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Take a look at all the games coming to Xbox Game Pass in 2023. If you buy the subscription you get free access to all of these games, Unreal Engine 5 games included!

00:00 STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl – 2023
02:15 Lies of P – August 2023
03:54 Starfield – 2023
10:37 ARK 2 – 2023
11:36 Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – March 3, 2023
14:00 Forza MotorSport – Spring 2023
15:06 Redfall – May 2
17:41 Senua´s Saga: Hellblade 2 – 2023
23:36 Replaced – 2023
25:21 Hollow Knight: Silksong – 2023
26:31 Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn – 2023
31:30 Minecraft Legends – April 18
32:43 The Last Case of Benedict Fox – April 27
34:11 Ravenlok – 2023
35:25 Ereban: Shadow Legacy – 2023
36:41 Party Animals – 2023

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  1. Take a look at all the games coming to Xbox Game Pass in 2023. If you buy the subscription you get free access to all of these games, Unreal Engine 5 games included! Thank you for watching. Please read the description for more details! If you enjoyed the video, please support the channel with a LIKE ❤, SUBSCRIBE ☑ and turn on NOTIFICATIONS 🔔 to watch more!

  2. hype for Wo Long and Lies of P o/, thanks for the video dude, nice job

  3. Meh, I'm more excited for lords of the fallen.

  4. Party animals looks like they are drunk. 🤔

  5. Если сталкер 2 не вышел тогда то и сейчас он уже не нужен

  6. I think Atomic Heart is very good, they just need to fix the bugs and ill play it again.

  7. not one interesting story.
    political satyr?

  8. Gamepass 2023: 💚
    Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition
    Persona 3 Portable
    Persona 4 Golden
    Persona 5
    Monster Hunter Rise
    Age of Empires 2 Definitve Edition
    Hi Fi Rush
    Atomic Heart
    Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
    Mount and Blade Bannerlord 2
    Age of Empires 4
    Minecraft Legends
    Forza Motorsport
    Ara: History Untold
    STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl
    Lies of P
    Hollow Knight: Silksong
    Party Animals
    ARK 2
    The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
    Planet of Lana
    Ereban Shadow Legacy
    High on Life
    The Last Case of Benedict Fox
    Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom
    Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heros
    Flintlock The Siege of Dawn
    Dusk Falls
    Warhammer 40K Darktide
    Like a Dragon Ishin
    Plague Tale Requiem
    Alle EA Spiele
    Alle Xbox Studios Spiele
    Hellblade 2

    🤔 Also mit diesen Titel wird Xbox Gamestudio schon genügend Spiele für 2023 veröffentlichen.
    Wie viel Spiele soll man den noch in 1 Jahr herausbringen 🤔 ?
    [Überzogene Vorstellungen]
    • Hi Fi Rush
    • Age of Empire 2 + 4 (Port)
    • Minencraft Legends
    • ESO DLC
    • Age of Mythology
    • Forza Motorsport
    • Starfield
    • Redfall
    • Last Case of Benedict Fox
    • Mighty Doom
    • Ravenlok
    • Planet of Lana
    • Party Animals
    • Replaced
    • Hellblade 2 (eventuell)
    • Ark 2 (Zeitexclusive)
    • Warhammer 40K Darktide (Zeitexc)
    • Starker 2 (Zeitexclusive)
    + Gamepass
    • Lies of P
    • Monster Hunter Rise
    • Persona 3/4/5
    • Ho Long Fallen Dynasty
    • Atomic Heart
    • Morta Shell
    • Mount and Blade Bannerlord 2
    • Flintlock The Siege of Dawn
    • Texas Chain Saw Massacre
    • Eiyuden Chronicle
    • Hollow Knight Sillskone
    • Like a Dragon Ishin

  9. I am looking forward to Replaced! Looks awesome!

  10. As long as these games don't require Xbox Live Gold memberships just to play them at all then they'll be on my list otherwise forget it

  11. These day ones games are good but I noticed for some reason they don’t have HDR? It’s just let you adjust the brightness that’s it , it looks dimmed …

  12. The beautiful thing is that you play many hours of online games, and the Xbox comes to impress you with these wonderful games

  13. it’s not even certain that stalker 2 comes out this year!

  14. Right now enjoying Shadow Warrior 3, Atomic Heart, Wo Long.

    Looking forward to Benidict Fox, Lies Of P, Redfall, Amnesia The Bunker, Ghostwire Tokyo, Silksong and Starfield.

    Super excited for Stalker 2, Avowed, Hellblade 2, The Outer Worlds 2, the next Wolfenstein and Fallout 5.

    Wow gamepass is so awesome and so worth it☺️☺️☺️

  15. where sind all releasse date about this games. not here announced?! 🙁

  16. I REALLY hope Starfield is 60fps. Make it next gen

  17. Starfield looks amazing. I love lies of p too. And theres a few others that look so cool too like flintlock, great gamepass year 2023 🔥❤️

  18. 1 Starfiel
    2 Forza motorsport
    3 Hellblade 2
    4 Redfall
    5 anything else they throw at Game Pass

    its a great line up for me personally and about time i can feel good for really having a series X

  19. You forgot to add ghostwire Tokyo. They’re silent about it. But I’m sure at the end of this month it’s gonna be on gamepass since the 1 year exclusivity deal is gonna terminate on 25th of March.

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