BEST Digital ONLY Games On XBOX 360 | XBOX 360 Store Closing -

BEST Digital ONLY Games On XBOX 360 | XBOX 360 Store Closing

Gaming Off The Grid
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BEST Digital ONLY Games On XBOX 360 | XBOX 360 Store Closing

On today’s episode of Gaming Off The Grid, we talk about our TOP 10 Digital XBOX 360 games. There are tons of great digital only XBOX 360 games but fear not many of these games on our list are available elsewhere? Did your favorite game make the list? Stay Tuned!

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0:00 – Intro
1:24 – Zombie Driver HD
2:57 – Bionic Commando Re-Armed 1 & 2
4:57 – Alien Breed 1-3
6:40 – Batman Arkham Black Gate
8:37 – Unbound Saga
10:29 – Hard Corps Uprising (Contra)
12:08 – Gatling Gears
13:53 – Burnout CRASH
16:22 – Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3
18:38 – Hydro Thunder Hurricane
22:35 – Beer Review: Tree House Brewing – Spring (Imperial IPA)
25:05 – Outro

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  1. Boys you have to check out the Yars revenge XBLA game. $9.99 currently and it’s loads of fun. A reimagining of the Atari classic. It plays similar to panzer dragoon

  2. Awesome to see Gatling Gears here. Glad you guys gave it a try.

  3. HydroThunder hurricane FOREVER 🔥🔥🔥👏

  4. Batman Arkham Origins: BlackGate did get a PS Vita physical release and its pretty affordable at around $20-$25 complete.

  5. I’ve been having that dual stick shooter itch. Thank yall for this. Time for some downloads and kids will love these. They love original helldivers and they’ll be pumped for more games like it

  6. Since you guys like twin stick shooters so much you should try renegade ops, or micro bot on the 360 store. Such a shame neither of them are on the series.

  7. Alien Breed Trilogy has a physical in Europe & WOTB Commando 3 is physical on the Capcom compilation

  8. Its not great for couch coop cause multiplayer is online only but Rare put a remaster of Perfect Dark on the 360 store as well… Same goes for Duke3d and Quake 3….

  9. This is one of the better 360 lists I have seen. I'll be breaking out my Halo Reach 360 and downloading at least 8 out of 10 games you recommended. Thanks for the heads up!

  10. i wanna play zombie driver while i eat some ZOMBIE BURGER BREH!!!!

  11. They seriously reduced the price on several last week and are meant to have two more rounds of drops before the end. Some I bought for $10 over the course of the last year and now $1 so will be holding off for now. The network is gonna crash on those 2 days!

  12. You can throw NBA jam on fire edition if it's available on the list

  13. I have never had any of my consoles online and never will, but I still enjoyed the video.

  14. Zombie Driver on the Xbox 360 is NOT backwards compatible BUT there is a Zombie Driver Ultimate Editon for the Xbox One. You also can not get all of the achievements in Burnout Crash as the servers were shut down in 2017

  15. I believe the Xbox 360 store on the Xbox 360 is where you can purchase the games. When you're on your Xbox One or series, you may come across games that say content unavailable. That's the ones that you'll only find in the Xbox 360 store on the actual Xbox 360 console.

  16. Great episode..glad I caught your earlier episode , informing us to jump on Gen all my favs and a few rarities..GOT G?

  17. Hard corps uprising is the fucking shit! 🔥

  18. Question is just the xbox 360 itself closing on july or will you still be able to get 360 games on say series x after the 360 closes?🤔

  19. Batman blackgate came out physically on the vita

  20. Some other games are Age of Booty, Age of Keflings, etc.

  21. Another great video! You guys always make me spend money! Now I gotta track down a copy of Batman Blackgate. Anyone recommend Vita vs 3DS?

  22. I got alien breed the trilogy physically, just a couple of weeks ago on the xbox 360

  23. I agree with all that, and personally my favorite street fighter, 3rd strike online edition… probably the best version of the game, especially on console. It has a lot of extra stuff other versions don't have.

  24. Lucky enough in the UK to have a disk version of Alien Breed. And the original on the Amiga!

  25. Choo Choo only just got watched your new videos been busy playing my Sega saroo for the Saturn banging channel

  26. Can you imagine hydrothunder on PS5 ?

  27. It was made for handhelds, thats how u should experience it

  28. My Walmart dropped all physical xbox1 and series x games 😭🥺

  29. Get Bullet Witch if you have ANY remote interest in that game. Physical copies are very expensive

  30. Guardian Heroes $5 on 360, mucho muahla $$$ on Sega Saturn. 6 players. Last chance to get it cheap.

  31. My favorite gaming channel on YT. Another great Xbox 360 video!!! I’m going to buy some of these games. Thank you. Cheers!

  32. You guys are one of my favorite channels of all time. Love you guys! 🍻 no homo 😳

  33. Additionally you may want to look into Shadow Complex, Under Defeat, Renegade Ops, Scrap Metal, both Assault Heroes, Caladrius, both Bullet Souls, Shooting Love 200X, Ikaruga, Radiant Silvergun, KOF Sky Force, Otomedius, R-Type Dimensions, both Dishwashers, Charlie Murder, Double Dragon Neon, Scott Pilgrim, Castle Crashers, Blood Knights, Crimson Alliance, and the hilariously enjoyable Deadliest Warrior games.

  34. Yeah i just watch these to see what the games are like and nah i might get 1 or 2 games on this list but not into beat em ups i like zombie car and that trilagy where you can loot bodys

  35. I'm still buying ps vita and ps3 games on the store

  36. Renegade Ops is digital only, a great twin stick shooter that's also on the PS3.

  37. I know this comment is years too late but Hydro Thunder Hurricane was available for free on Games With Gold back in the day. It's such a great game!

    Also, Memorial Day is socially considered the start of summer but actually it's June 21st.

  38. look for Alien Breed not 1. this is the OG Amiga Version. Top Down Shooter , a must have 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  39. Dudes you forgot to at least mention Thunderwolves a damn good arcade ish helicopter game, definitely worth a look at.
    And expendables 2 game is worth a mention but only when playing with multiple friends

  40. the xbox 360 my first console i played. unfortunately i dont have the 360 available right now which is a shame because i would love to check out these games

  41. xbox 360 is in my opinion the best console ever. Im really feeling old if you think how many years ago it released.

  42. I recommend single player game Dust: an Elysian tail

  43. Great list, you guys always give the best recommendations. I have all of them except for Unbound Saga, I somehow missed that one but thanks to you guys it's in the collection now🤟 much appreciated

  44. I'm collecting any cheap 360 hard copies I can lately. Have a feeling prices will go way up after the store closure. That's the main reason 360 and new stuff is so cheap hard copy right now

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