Best Game Winning Touchdowns in NFL History || HD -

Best Game Winning Touchdowns in NFL History || HD

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All NFL Content i use is owned by the NFL, i take their clips and make compilations with rare plays and popular plays.


  1. I don’t even like the Jags, that was one of the best plays I’ve ever seen

  2. You already know the Minnesota miracle is #1

  3. I swear, in the vikings vs packers one that Vikings player who could've taken the ball for himself passed it to the packers player and he went for the touchdown after getting to his feet. If that's not good sportsmanship I don't know what is.

  4. dude i swear the intro gets me every time, keep doing it plzzzz

  5. Why doesn't the NFL show just Patriots highlights, they are the most winning team of all time and most of the wins are spectacular.

  6. I bet after Vick had that run for the win over the viking he went home and killed a dog 🐕🪦⚰

  7. I love the "Rodgers can't win big games" bitch he put up 45 and lost

  8. In my opinion, the Jackson punt return is the best

  9. Where’s the game winning TD from Romo to Terrence Williams against the Giants? It was a spectacular toe drag game winning TD with no time left on the clock. I’m convinced this channel owner hates Dallas because most of their spectacular plays that should be in these lists never make it in. For shame.

  10. Pazzesco quello che si è inventato Hopkins!

  11. Pure il Td dei Dolphins: woooooooow!

  12. Il meraviglioso gioco del football americano!

  13. I was at the game when Hopkins made that catch it was 🥜

  14. Play one should be when the qb gets all the credit

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  17. Diggs threw that helmet after and I always look to see where it landed 🤣🤣

  18. Dude I was so sad when the cardinals lost the super bowl. The sealers sole it from us diehard cardinals fans

  19. I remember watching that Dash Diggs one, that was frickin epic!

  20. 60% of the way through the video but I just wanna say, absolutely spectacular job.

  21. I was at the giants eagles game when Jackson picked it up and ran it for a touchdown. We drove all the way from Maine to East Rutherford to watch it, and it was rainy before the game and cold as hell during. We were up big and we were so cold we decided to leave with 4 minutes on the clock thinking NY won for sure. When we got to our vehicles and flipped on the radio we just got it on in time to hear that DeSean Jackson bobbled the return and ran it back for a TD. I was sick to my stomach 😆 as my wife is a eagles fan and I'm a giants fan, it was not a fun ride home

  22. It’s tough to watch the pass from Keenum to Diggs. “Why?“ you may ask. Well, let me tell you why: That play was the last really great play the Vikings produced. So many of us thought Keenum was clicking with the offense and the future looked bright but they dumped him and the Vikings have been in the gutter ever since.


  24. Who else feels like we need a longer Christmas intro because they always are so good

  25. its hard
    the vikings got trashed a week later after that

  26. Bro u really had to put the cards Super Bowl pass on there 🥲

  27. It’s honestly awesome because despite the Joe Buck hate — his reaction was exactly what everyone in that stadium was feeling. He screams “diggs!” As he sees he lands and has empty field ahead of him. Then screams “sideline!” As he realizes he’s inbounds and the game is over and so he screams “touchdown!” And if you listen the crowd mimics him just with screaming

  28. Plot twist on 1st clip they got a kickoff TD

  29. God the Santonio Holmes one is so fucking satisfying

  30. As a saints fan if I see the “Vikings miracle” in this vid I’m breaking my phone

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  32. I havent watched the vid yet, if there isn't one aaron rodgers one on here….
    Edit: 7:02 i knew it….

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