Best Games 2017 SO FAR - Horizon Zero Dawn & Way More! (Best Games of 2017 - Best PS4 Games 2017) -

Best Games 2017 SO FAR – Horizon Zero Dawn & Way More! (Best Games of 2017 – Best PS4 Games 2017)

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Zach & JorRaptor share best games 2017 so far! Including Horizon Zero Dawn & Way more! Let us know yours in the comments!
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Our top 3 games of 2017:
The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind
Horizon Zero Dawn
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

Persona 5
Paladins PS4
Horizon Zero Dawn

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  1. 1- Resident Evil 7 – A return to the roots of one of the biggest videogame franchises with the best survival horror of the generation.2- For Honor – An excelent multiplayer game with one of the best and deeper combat systems ever made. Also great graphics and fun game modes.3- Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands – Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know… this ISN'T a great game… it's just… good… but I had a lot of fun playing it in coop with my friends and that's why it is my third favorite game of 2017.And what about Horizon? I played around… 70 hours? I beated the main plot, finished a lot of side quests and did a lot of Ubi-ish activities… and aside of the stunning graphics, the first 10 hours and the combat against machines, I was really dissapointed with the result. IDK, I expected more from Guerrilla.

  2. jor what is better to buy: For honor or Horizon zero dawn

  3. 1. Horizon Zero Dawn
    2. Horizon Zero Dawn
    3. Horizon Zero Dawn

  4. Athem
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    God Of War

    Spiderman and Days Gone

  5. "Horizon zero Dawn is the best game ever made, any one that says It less than that is a shithead!"

  6. i need to ask god of war is going to be a open world game

  7. 1.Dishonored
    2.Horizon zero dawn
    3.Grand theft auto
    4.metal gear solid v:the phantom pain
    5.Dishonored 2

  8. Jor,if you can,you can do some dishonored series,its awesome

  9. number 🎄 😆😆 mine is horizon enough said.

  10. Persona 5 > Horizon >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> everything else so far

  11. 1.horizon
    2.breath of the wild
    3.tales of berseria

  12. Horizon is great don't get me wrong but I already like Persona 5 and Legend of Zelda more. Its to bad that it released this year with allot of other great games like Nier, Resident Evil, Prey and Injustice 2

    I am gonna bet that game of the year awards will most likely go between LOZ and Persona 5

  13. Life? Busy. Only had time for 3. Horizon: Zero Dawn, Firewater and BioShock. Only 1 came out this year, but but I will start up in summer.

  14. My top games of this year so far:

    1- Horizon Zero Dawn
    2- Nier:Automata
    3- Nioh

    But Shadow Of War, Assassin's Creed Origins, The Evil Within 2 and Uncharted: Lost Legacy might destroy my list. So, it could change, once these games come out.

  15. Horizon zero dawn, Uncharted 4 a thefts end,The Order 1886,Infamous second son,Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain,Mafia lll.

  16. 1Million Subscribers without Videos Challenge !!! says:

    Top 3:

    3. Mass Effect Andromenda
    2. Resident Evil 7
    1. Horizon Zero Dawn

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