Best games: Dan The Man Stage 8-3-3 (Awesome games) -

Best games: Dan The Man Stage 8-3-3 (Awesome games)

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Best games: Dan The Man Stage 8-3-3 (Awesome games) Android games 2015. Level: Enter the dark master.

Android games in 2015 never cease to amaze! Game Dan The Man Stage 8, which just came out takes us into the world of 8-bit and 16-bit consoles! It is safe to say that Dan The Man belongs to the category of the best games.
Amazing game, which is really fun to play out very rarely, this game on android for real quality and exciting game.
Game Description Dan The Man Stage 8 Haystacks
The young man kidnapped his beloved. The bandits did not stop there and captured the city. It is a brave and courageous man, together with his friends goes in search of his beloved. The guy owns a karate and knows all the martial arts, so he easily cope with any obstacle in its path.
The game has a lot of jokes and positive.
The graphics in the game, Dan The Man
Graphics Retro really looks very impressive.
Pixel graphics liking since video game consoles such as Dendy, Sega Mega Drive, PlayStation, Nintendo, and many other wonderful game consoles. Excellent portrayal of the characters and the world. In short, the game is pleasing to the eye and it is very nice to play!
Features Dan The Man
– An interesting and fascinating story
– High-quality pixel graphics
– Excellent sound
– Ideal management
– Ability to pump the skills and abilities of the hero
– Large selection of weapons
– Gorgeous gameplay
Top games should be for everyone in your collection!
If you are pleased with the amazing game, Dan The Man Stage 8 Haystacks will be your favorite game!
Смешные картинки – Фото приколы – Юмор – Ржака – Планета ТМ:


  1. cara tem como VC fala do meu canal no próximo vídeo seu para ajuda ? belo vídeo lije

  2. This boss reminded me of Scott cawthons logo

  3. I'm assuming you maxed out on all tools? I can't seem to make a dent in this dark master guy…

  4. Where's the 4th secret area? I can't see to find it..

  5. 秘密區域、秘密物品和武器取得快速記憶法﹕


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