Best Games for the M1 Mac -

Best Games for the M1 Mac

Tyler Stalman
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The best games to play on the new M1 Macs
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  1. Cine Tracer is support on the m1?

  2. I have watched over a dozen Mac video game list and not one of them mentioned Streets of Rage 4. Its probably one of the most fun beat them ups and party games (4 players with bluetooth controllers, I use PS4 ones) you can get on the Mac!

  3. Where in Canada? Xcloud is pretty brutal in Newfoundland. It is improved slightly by using parallels desktop with the Xbox app.

  4. thinking about the pink shirt the first 3:45 .. and then he mentioned it.. You rock the pink dude! If it's Merino you get an extra two kudos

  5. I think League of Legends and World of Warcraft are both very playable on mac and they attract a huge gamer audience. Should be included here for sure!

  6. Hi Tyler, what video aspect ratio do you recommend uploading to YouTube? Why do you choose 16:9 rather than a 2:1 ratio that many YouTubers use to fill more of the screen space?

  7. nice to show you can ''almost game'' on the mac … but lets show some pictures of the game name or where you got it a bit longer….like a text box or something….
    and for example 12:51 i had to slow down too see what controller, mumbled it… and what site you just pulled up … slow down…
    text boxes that stay a bit longer for us to see….tnx

  8. "Inside" is the best looking game ever! Can't wait for the new title Playdead is developing.

  9. I use Outlook for mail and calendar. How do you feel about removing the native iOS mail app from MacBook? And if you are in favor, how do you do it? I researched how and attempted to go through the terminal but I can’t complete the removal. Maybe that’s a sign that I shouldn’t.

  10. 580 down…. slow? lmfaoo im lucky to hit a hundred. good vid tho!

  11. Grindstone is worth a try y’all, been playing it for like a year it’s really addicting

  12. Revit in mac ?? ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼

  13. I'd suggest an not too old old game. Black Mesa. hope it works well on m1

  14. This video deserves so much attention.
    – a Mac user

  15. I typed in best mac apps and oddly enough this video popped up. As a gamer I couldn't resist and this did not disappoint! Subbed.

  16. Great video and good recommendations 🥳
    I also recommend Divinity Original Sin 2, Pathfinder, Tyranny and Pillars of Eternity for roleplaying fans.
    For FPS I recommend Dusk, Bioshock Remasters and Borderlands 2.

  17. Dead cells is so good. Currently playing pathfinder right now.

  18. Can we play fps games like valorant or csgo on M1 Mac air?

  19. No list of games or segmented video bar… yea, didn't even watch this.

  20. 10 year old game on a 2021 video. Gotta love the irony. Mac gamer my arse.

  21. Great video! Everything works well on porting kit's steam except for one problem: I can't seem to launch any of my downloaded games! I've installed two windows games, but can't seem to get them launched at all. Every time I press "Play", it will change the button to "Pause" for a few seconds as if was launched, and then go back to being "Play". Could I get some help on this?

  22. If possible, record another video and play Call of Duty Warzone and Forza Horizon this time.


  23. 580 download is DECENT? Im watching this on 3 mb download at max 😂

  24. Anybody knows the reason why the game is not opening despite being optimised for m1

  25. I was fine until the speedtest.
    Ultimate sign of a modern day hipster: Wears glasses that can pick up UHF channels…complains about getting a paltry HALF a gb of download speed.

    Other than that… this video was "decent." 🤨

  26. 4 games every mac gamers should have on their machine is: Divinity Original Sin 2, Disco Elysium, Civilization 6, and Factorio,

  27. lol playing games on mac is like playing PC games from the late 90's….. I guess when MAC users are tired of all the "work" they do on their macs, like writing an email, or a word doc, or an excel where they have to like add up 10 cels (that's why they need an M1), then they can play horrible games on their $2000 laptop….. makes sense to me.
    don't get me wrong, I also own a mac, but I realize what it is….

  28. It's not the hardware that makes most of the mac games lame, but the environment. Pcs will always have the best games, because they have been used for gaming for so long. Macs are still primarily used for the graphical departments, and pcs have been used for the office environment. With the progress of the cell phone, more and more people are not even buying computers at home, unless they are gamers, tinkers, or hobbyists that need them.

  29. Is it possible to install bus simulator or truck simulator games on M1 MacBook air?

  30. I know you’ve heard it, but I love your editing

  31. They need to put Minecraft bedrock on the app store :/

  32. What a crap list
    include these ones :-
    Divinity: Original Sin 1
    Divinity: Original Sin 2
    Metro Exodus
    Metro 2033
    Metro: Redux
    Metro: Last Light
    Baldur’s Gate 3
    Total War: REMASTERED
    What the fuck dude ?

  33. Nothing on the App Store qualifies as a game for anyone but someones grandmother.

  34. 12:58 "580Mbps is slow at other places."

    Cries in Philippine-quality connection that can't even reach 5Mbps.

  35. Great video. Very methodical and engaging.
    One game you missed is Bugdom. 😉
    Bugdom is an iconic game for the Mac platform, and was pre-installed on most iMacs and iBooks in the late nineties. It's an endlessly charming and visually imaginative action-adventure game. A genius recently recompiled Bugdom to run on modern Macs, including a native Apple Silicon version, and Pangeasoft, the original developers, allowed him to distribute it for free.

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