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Best Games Like GTA

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If you have finished every quest and stolen every car, then don’t worry, this video has the best games like GTA to play on PC.

There are many reasons to love GTA. The huge bustling city that’s full of life at every turn. The selection of transportation that means we can arrive everywhere in style. And that absolute chaos you can create. But eventually you do run out of things to do, so we decided to out together a list of games to turn to when you’re done in GTA.

So, here is our list of the best games like GTA to play on PC:

Intro 00:00
1 Saints Row: The Third Remastered 01:04
2 Mafia: Definitive Edition 02:32
3 Yakuza 0 03:44
4 Red Dead Redemption 2 04:48
5 Watch Dogs Legion 06:11
6 Forza Horizon 4 07:22
7 Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition 08:20
8 LEGO City Undercover 09:31
9 Far Cry 5 10:47
Outro 12:01

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  1. Lol why bother using car in saint row when running is faster. HAHAHA

  2. And this shows how games struggle to be as good objectively as GTA V

  3. I def agree wit the wdl one, both games r very similar

  4. 0.25
    She says driving around San Andreas but it's Los Santos in gta5 😂😂☺️😂

  5. I HAVE PLAYED EVERYTHING FROM HERE. I don't have what to play

  6. Yakuza is the best title in the list without any doubts, except driving around…

    Rdr too

  7. Best games like GTA V

    List shows Forza Horizon 4

  8. For explosions and lots of shooting try Just Cause, of course you can drive and fly, even explore the open world it is so fun to explode things in that game

  9. So basically, GTA has no real competitor is what this video's telling me.

  10. none of them is comparable to the feeling of "modern open world" in GTA5

  11. I dont want the feeling of driving I want to go around and wreak havoc on npc's

  12. For me Gta series is the best Open world game of all time

  13. Watch Dogs Legion was AWFUL and I love the series

  14. I kinda want a child-friendly version of GTA. GTA has a few inappropriate things I just don't like.

  15. im watching this with the logitech G head phone

  16. i love saits row get out of hell
    and the alien one

  17. Sleeping Dogs may not be GTA but I’ll choose it over the latter any given time. Super underrated but so much fun to play.

  18. GTA like games drops Forza Horizon 4
    yeah I'm off

  19. I remember there was a game on ps4 that was similar to gta 5 the main character was a black male

  20. finally a GTA alternative video without an Indian commentator!

  21. going to buy an xbox series s just for forza halo and gears😕

  22. you guys made the best auto clicker EVER

  23. there is no way im switching from gta to lego undercover


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