Best Games Made With Unity | TOP LIST 2020 -

Best Games Made With Unity | TOP LIST 2020

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I put together a list with some of the best games made with the Unity game engine. I’ve also included some quick-fire honorable mentions along with upcoming games made in Unity at the end of the video.

Hope you guys enjoy! 🙂

:::: INSIDE – GDC ::::

:::: Firewatch – GDC ::::

:::: Bennett Foddy on Designing With Physics – GDC ::::

:::: Awesome Courses (Affiliate links) ::::
Superb Unity course:
Great UE4 blueprints course:
Scary & difficult but good UE4 C++ course:

:::: My Gear (Affiliate links) ::::
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  1. Wait, Rimworld was made in Unity? I didn't know what I wanted to make and was intimidated to start anything of my own, but a very simple management simulator could be a great starting point. Thanks!

  2. Inside looks a bit like Little Nightmares

  3. So many games I love were made with y
    Unity and I didn't even know

  4. the forest and firewatch really showed unity's potential in the 3d graphics standpoint

  5. No genshin impact man? That game was made in Unity 2017

  6. What's the title of the humming song that plays at the end? I love it.

  7. insert cool name with xx on the sides says:

    You didn’t mention the Unit Creator in tabs.

  8. I had no idea that escape from tarkov was made with unity!

  9. subnatica is not made with unity its made with unknown worlds and its not a app game its a console game.

  10. Inside is such a masterpiece! Thank you for putting inside the list!

  11. I'm really surprised that this list wasn't just landfall games aka the guys who made a really big amount of popular games like tabs tabg tabz stick fight and cluster truck and also recently released a game called rounds

  12. When I started to watch this video I thought I could never get on this list but then I saw Kerbal Space Program I got a tiny bit of confidence! I just started unity and I am using bolt which is visual scripting for unity and I am slowly getting the hang of things! Almost a year ago I got an idea for a joke game and then I got some actual good ideas for the game and I decided to make it an actual game with cool mechanics and low poly graphics! Since I just started making the game and using unity this may take awhile but I will not give up on this game!

  13. Hey um I'm pretty sure you left out karlson. Oh? You don't know what Karlson is? ItS jUsT a LiTtLe GaMe ThAt ThE YoUtUbEr DaNi iS wOrKiNg oN. 😉

  14. I'm surprised to find out that Cities Skylines is a Unity game. I was hooked on that for a couple months, and it's visually stunning and super complex simulation of city building.

  15. So basically not a single decent game was made in unity.

  16. Good list. Overcooked is also a very good game made with Unity

  17. These games are JUNK! I feel like we are living in the 80s with better graphics; games are getting worse, imo.

  18. Also spaceflight simulator is made by unity

  19. Firewatch is one of the games i really want to be ported to vr

  20. The games don't pay out so don't waste your time playing or buying things from them

  21. escape from tor is a broken lazy cash flip any pvp in uinty is a hackfest biggist joke ever try to play in beta for almost 10 years and still runs like a mobile cod clone. its a scam you like to game play any fps from ps1 beats it looks ruff and runs hardware hot tons of lag fov can break your scopes SO MANY SMALL THINGS BROKEN

  22. Honorable mentions:



    Heavy Bullets


  23. YandereSimulator by YandereDev is missing

  24. Firewatch gives me a feeling I've never felt before playing and even REplaying a game. Absolutely one of the best and most beautiful games I've ever played

  25. Some of my favorite games were made with unity

  26. Gosh this should be sponsored by UE4 community, definitely 😂 You collected the worst representatives and called this "the best list" – I hope Unity devs will sue you for antiadvertising 🤣

  27. Vân Trang 500k vào ( says:

    12:10 Em muốn bán hết đám cá tươi để chuẩn bị cho đám cưới ta

  28. 9:38 Có những ngày mệt chẳng muốn làm gì cả, chỉ muốn làm người yêu anh

  29. 10:43 Cậu cận thị à?, nếu không cận, thì sao cậu lại không nhìn ra tớ thích cậu chứ?

  30. Karlson is there. Look again.. watch closely.. And hit subscribe while you're at it.. Or you won't see it.. 😐

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