Best Games Nintendo Switch has Ever Presented
Best Games Nintendo Switch

Best Games Nintendo Switch has Ever Presented

The platform’s got its own style. Rather alternative options compared to the popular consoles are here to present themselves. We’ve prepared a list of the best games Nintendo Switch. Selected out of more than 3000 different options and genres. Most played and discussed online.

Monster Hunter Rise, 2021

A fresh action role-player and a monster-killing adventure. Receive quests to hunt beasts. Use rare body parts to forge unique weapons. Nearly negative load times, a fine-tuned multiplayer. And big bosses hook from the first moment.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This 2020 social simulation title is the 5th in a series. Cultivate a deserted island. Interact with other players. Use resources to expand into a town. The version features both old and new characters and offers to adjust to seasons.

TowerFall, the Leader of Best Games Nintendo Switch

Archery combat arena toy, produced in 2013. A labyrinth-like fighting zone leaves up to 4 players face to face with each other. Until only one survives. Use arrows to shoot at your enemies. Find power-ups such as shields or wings to get an edge. Short sessions and competitive nature – a perfect combo!

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Released in 2018, this crossover fighting title still creates a lot of hype around itself. You confront your enemies in a big arena. Up to 8 users try to knock each other out. Enjoy a single-player mode or duke it out online with other fans.

Overcooked 2

A 2018 co-op cooking simulation. Here you cook orders in hilarious restaurants in teams of up to 4 characters. Being a sequel, it has new levels, recipes, skins, and themes.

Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together!

It is a puzzle both for non-gamers and hardcore players. Created in 2017, it offers to solve puzzles in a team. Enjoy a lot of free content, complexity levels, and exude creativity.

Katana Zero

This 2D side-scrolling action is one of the best games Nintendo Switch of 2019. With no health bar, try your chances against enemies. But don’t get a single hit.

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