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We’re giving our Game of the Year awards to our favorite games as well as yours for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile. Huge thanks to those of you who voted and participated. Onward to 2020!
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Thanks for another amazing year!


  1. Days Gone, also known as Functional Ride to Hell: Retribution.

  2. anyone who has played rage 2 can tell you that it was the best shooter game of 2019…

  3. Looking back. Jake falling over says it all for 2020.

  4. What should I subscribe to see that 2020 thing

  5. That awkward moment when Cyberpunk 2077 just barely stayed in 2020.

  6. How did fallout 76 not even get nominated for biggest disappointment, y'all at gameranx bitch and complain every chance you get and then just nothing for an award?! Also cyberpunk not winning most anticipated game for the staff is another one that makes no sense. How many videos contain news about it? In fact I disagreed with most of the picks everyone made lol. Guess I'm just a negative Nancy

  7. im surprised raid shadow legends didnt win best mobile game

  8. I’m from the future. They made doom a real thing

  9. I’m so happy Star Wars one it’s amazing and one of my favorite games

  10. i saw this video last year and just completed cybrepunk……regrets

  11. 2020 has not been a good year for video games

  12. A Plague Tale: Innocence is quite similar to Tomb Raider games but I just want to tell you that its a million times better than any Tomb Raider game. At least for my opinion.

  13. The room you're filiming in at the start is the most realist fucking room I've ever seen on YouTube. No white, reflective shit going on. No purple mood lighting. Just a shit maroon carpet, cardboard boxes in the back, starbucks cup up front, and a Vader statue in the back with basically nothing being made of it. Sounds like I'm shitting on your room, but I swear to God I'm appreciating the authenticity. Never change.

  14. "Here's to 2020"

    My boys you made a bad decision

  15. My how disappointed we were by cyberpunk even tho it was most anticipated by the people.

  16. Jake: I will never start a video like that.
    also Jake: What's up PC GAMERS!?

  17. 2019,2020 nothing special,1-2 games max,but that means i dont have to upgrade

  18. Which game isn't an action-adventure game?

  19. Oh man, we all picked CP2077 as most anticipated game of 2020, and look what happened….

  20. I thought that dustbin was fake and idk why I still think it is fake even though after he drummed it

  21. i played both sekiro and control for me sekiro is better Goty i dont understand why this channel always giving to control goty 😀

  22. Jake: Gets up off of the ground and walks through a few sticks
    Also Jake: “I’m out of breath”

  23. 0:02 great stuff plz stay real ppl that make YB content and not YB creators that look like ppl

  24. Thank you for not starting the video like every other asshole on YouTube.

  25. Devil May Cry didn’t win ANYTHING!?!?!? I say fix

  26. Watching an old one
    But idk it seemed metro exodus was at another level for how the environment looked, but whole package might not be as good. And it’s gameplay mechanics just don’t match COD or Destiny. But I felt more involved in the story and world then the others on best looking list.

  27. BIIIG thanks to all of you out there who voted in our goofy little awards show. Thanks for watching us throughout 2019! We're looking forward to more video games and yelling in 2020 👍 🍕

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