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We’re giving our Game of the Year awards to our favorite games as well as yours for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile. Huge thanks to those of you who voted and participated. Onward to 2020!
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Thanks for another amazing year!


  1. 2019 was a great and solid year for gaming

  2. i have all this games i just kidding hahaha

  3. The Game of the Year part of this vid is sooo wrong! Both, the nominations and the winning picks of the public and your team!

  4. Was FF7Remake released before this? Cus that's a good looking game! With a spectacular soundtrack! And should I get God Of War or Jedi Fallen Order?

  5. Im sorry but days Gone over Outer Wilds. Have we played the same games?

  6. I feel like best souls like needs to be a category

  7. probably better than mobile game ads now

  8. So it's basically a popularity contest? Most of the winners are just mediocre games with a lot of hype around them

  9. Best mobile game all time it's PUBG MOBILE 🔥

  10. Who was apex not even a Nominee for best game?

  11. My game of the year for 2019 was definitely Sekiro Shadows die twice, I loved that game so much I got 100% of the trophies on ps4 lol.

  12. no one:

    not a single soul

    not even my mum

    Gameranx: Modern Warfare

  13. Mk11 should have been nominated for best graphics

  14. Too bad cyrberpunk isn't coming out. Lol.

  15. rage 2 has good gameplay, shut up
    also hive DMC 5 and borderlands 3 some credit, borderlands new dlc wasn't out back then but it was still awesome

  16. How was mortal kombat not even nominated for best game of the year you guys suck

  17. I m here just to exercise my listening with this language but theses games are amazing :3

  18. If we're being honest there hasn't been a great game since Phantom Pain and that was on the heels of the most amazing series ever. I've watched a ton of "great games of ……. whatever year" and I honestly thought some of these games were interchangeable to worst games of the decade. The gaming industry might be booming but it isn't consoles leading the way for money. Not surprising all the big games companies are milking what's left of the industry.

  19. There is no way The Outer Worlds is GOTY. With all the hype for immersive companions and then they die all the time. The worlds are sparsely populated and have basically no loot. It isn't even open world really. There's like 12 zones thats it.

  20. Dude you could really let us know that apps are only available on Apple… quite the disappointment…

  21. Modern warfare was the best game in 2020 and 2019

  22. Wow. New games just cant fuck abowe old games. For example, best GTAs were old ones. I remember playing niiiice games when there werent idiotic kiddios who plays FoRtNiTe and uses TiKtOk. That was good time.

  23. Love coming back to previous years to see what game I should buy next such good games! Love you guys at gameranx

  24. I wonder how much awards warzone will get lmao

  25. Why is this recommended to me in the 2nd half of 2020

  26. You guys have COMPLETELY lost it lmaooo You chose Doom over Halo Infinite & CYBERPUNK 2077… There’s having your opinion, and then there’s what 99% of what everyone else would choose… Time and time again I’m finding that you guys are All over the place with your lists, and coming from a hardcore gamer who plays A LOT of games across all platforms, a lot of your top 3 games shouldn’t even be in the top 10, even more there are times where I’ve never even heard of some of these games?!?! Go down the comments, there are A LOTTTT of other ppl that feel the exact same. I’ve been subscribed for a long time and loved the channel, but over the last year I feel like you guys don’t even play games anymore, especially VR… You guys are letting down a lot of ppl and I have no idea why you do a lot of the things you do???

  27. 15:01 You gave best art direction to….Control…the game that takes almost entirely in dimly lit, grey office buildings…did PUBG win this award last year? Generally confused by this choice especially when you show something as vibrant as Link's Awaking in contrast.

  28. I Can’t describe how fun it was to watch this vid! You guys at gameranx ROCK!
    All of these games are supercool I think!
    Keep doing your job, I’m watching your vids everyday ever since I subscribed!

    Love you guys, you’re cool!👍🏾

    Ps: didn’t get who is Falcon ??? I only know his voice… could you point out where he is in this vid for a dumbass like me? 😀😁😁

  29. Am i the only one that didnt enjoy jedi: fallen order? (and yes, I am a huge star wars fan)

  30. It's crazy how much shit I hear about Call of Duty games but yet the community STILL voted it as best multiplayer. And this is the COMMUNITY, the people that bitch about the games getting payed by reviewers and coming out with the same game every year and yet it still got the most votes. I honestly don't have an opinion on COD because I never played one besides randomly picking up a controller for a few minutes at a friend's house. I suck at FPS multiplayer games. I'm just really surprised. It's kinda like Fortnite. I hear so much shit about that game but yet it's still the most popular Battle Royale game.

  31. ight imma list some games that weren't on the list: risk of rain 2

  32. I let out a huge "HA" when they wished for a good 2020

  33. Game of the year sekiro shadow die twice not won a single award

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