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2020 was a wild year for games. We’ve added up your votes and we’re announcing the best games of 2020. Despite all of the ups and downs, it was a good one.
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  1. I think the best game in the entire world is ghost of tsushima, everything about it is awesome and I can play it for hours a day

  2. Wheres the list? You lazy bum, make a list of all the games mentioned

  3. Ghost of T is one of the great games ever made. Just a fact jack

  4. cyberpunk most definitely not number one for best rpg

  5. if you play last of us part two after letting your emotions settle, the game becomes that more appreciated. it's truly a stunning game. The graphics, the dialogue, the responsiveness, all stunning.

    :me ……… what…….

  7. Warzone is soooo bad wth why do people like it

  8. i’m so behind on video games, it’s so hard to keep up! i’m still playing games from 2018 🤣 i’ve also been playing gta 4 💀 if they stopped releasing games as of today i would be good for the rest of my life….crazy

  9. CoD, Fortnite, Fall Guys?! Bunch of poor boring people voting I see

  10. i hate fortnite's cash grab attempts i know its not pay 2 win but it still wants you to buy things desperately

  11. I felt attacked when u said “One Punch Man, a hero that nobody knows” 😂😂it’s a anime hero

  12. The fact cyberpunk got more votes than tlou 2 is hilarious tho ngl😭 agree with first place for goty tho

  13. Is there the best games here place put wilderness

  14. Final fantasy 7, Doom Eternal
    Last of us 2,
    Half life Alex, Hades
    Cyberpunk, mk11

    Dirt 5

  15. I'm not interested in Cyberpunk 2077 at all, but if CD Projekt Red announced a "Steampunk 1855", I'd be all over it.

  16. warzone is trash! when modern warfare was released it was good and the hardcore nv modes where really fun but they took most of the good modes out then focused on warzone not to mention the endless HUGE updates… everytime i went to launch the game it had a 30-40gb update by far the worst game ever when it comes to updates. if they actually kept it how it was without the gimmicks and season pass pay to win shit it would have been good to this day but everybody just jumps on the battle royale bandwagon these days. Also valve waiting all of those years to make another Half Life and making it VR only is a big boot in the balls to a lot of fans that simply can't afford vr or can't use it for whatever reason.

  17. I teach English in Vietnam. A bunch of my 7 year old students now know the word "imposter" entirely from Among Us. And they will probably literally never need to use that word ever again in any other context.

  18. I am glad to see that Cyberpunk 2077 got a couple of mentions and placed #2 in game of the year. I personally love the game and have played several times and find something new and different every time I play it. As far as the glitches go, I have not had a problem with most that have been reported and it appears that Project Red is now working hard on fixing these. I personally was watching this vid to find other games that may be similar to it. 🙂

  19. The best Sim is DCS by far. DCS puts FS to shame in actual game play and flight dynamics.Was that even on the list?

  20. I've been trying to buy a PS4 ps5 and Xbox 1 for months… such bullshit I just wanna play games

  21. Can I just say why the fuck don’t they ever put a time stamp I mean seriously

  22. Does bro really have a members only jacket on?

  23. Six months now and I still can't decide if I should buy Cyberpunk or not.

  24. burh I was just here to see which game to download while I'm leaving concerned about his sleep

  25. i love lists and rankings cuz i can always find something new

  26. it was NOT decent year for gaming this has been the worst time of all time this decade with the only good game fortnite hate it or not the first year of that game was amazing everything els is utter crap

  27. Its bad when he has to remind the voters that the video game they voted on wasn't a 2020 game!

  28. Ghost of Tsushima as a winner? Justice done goddamn right.

  29. Lol I like how the first minute was spent defending how poor this list is going to be

  30. best rpg of 2020? sorry, it's still witcher 3 xD

  31. Cyberpunk?! I had more fun with GTA SA ! It also had a lot more replay value

  32. We kept it simple this year.
    Thank you all very much for consistently watching. We're happy to be doing this as a job and we're grateful because we can't do it without you watching. Cheers folks 👍

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