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BEST GAMES OF 2021 – Happy Console Gamer

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Best video game sof 2021, Johnny gives his picks!

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Join Johnny Millenium The Happy Console Gamer as he discusses new video games and reviews forgotten games that not many people know about but should!


  1. Of what I’ve played, My Game of the year is Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. This is not only a terrific re-release, but it actually fixed most of the issues I had with the games in the past. Plus, it made Mass Effect 1 actually fun to play.

    Close second: Deltarune chapter 2. Great design, great new characters, and awesome music. It left me hyped for the next chapter. It just sucks that we’re gonna have to wait 2 years for it.

  2. I buy my games based on your show even the ones you hate

  3. Tales of Arise was a trash game. The story of Tales of Arise was exposed on the cover art. Characters were annoying, cheesy dialogue, they even added a character (Kisara) for the sole purpose of eye candy, which makes the story worse. It was a typical Tales games, as in typically disappointing. Bought the game for $50, got near the end, I got sick of the story, and then sold the game for $36 on ebay. That game is worth $20 new at most.

  4. My goty is Metroid Dread with YS IX and Ratchet and Clank close behind

  5. Definitely agree with Neir Replicant.
    Nocturne Remaster (and agree that SJR was a masterpiece, too)

    Shin Megami Tensei V, Doki Dok Literature Club+, Poison Control (which was just dumb cute fun), and Shadowverse: Champion's Battle (like Pokémon but with characters, a plot, and an actual challenge) were probably my games of the year.

  6. 1. Tales Of Arise
    2. Deathloop
    3. Returnal
    4. Scarlet Nexus
    5. Guardians Of The Galaxy


    I REALLY enjoyed this video and I REALLY have too much spare time. 😉

  8. Been a fan for years. First time post. I like your eclectic and honest take. Be well and Merry Christmas bud.

  9. Tails of Iron, Bowsers Fury, SMTV, Grow, Metroid Dread, Eastward and Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth are my games of the year. Still have ridiculous PS3/PS4 backlog so can’t comment on PS5 or Series X sadly but mostly game on my Switch now in handheld mode x

  10. I`m looking forward to getting a ys game that look like ffVII remake

  11. Not all released this year but first time for me playing this year – Returnal, The Ascent, Metroid: Dread, Nier: Replicant, FF7 Intermission, Bravery Default 2, Fantasian, Hollow Knight, Disco Elysium

  12. My top 5 games this year are:
    Nier replicant
    Skarlet nexus
    Psychonauts 2
    Guardian's of the galaxy
    Forza horizon 5
    (Special mention to a plague tale and Alan wake remaster)
    And the top 5 games I need to finish/play:
    Tales of arise
    RE village
    SMT 5
    Farcry 5
    Astria ascending/deaths door.

  13. Don't have a PS5, but I'm a massive Ratchet and Clank fan. I really want to play that game.

  14. Great picks! I'm surprised you missed Lost Judgement, it's an absolute gem

  15. Why is he calling "cinematic/cinematics" "cinema/cinemas"?!
    Like is it a brainfart moment or is it the norm?

  16. Ugh i couldn’t finish Tales of Arise, it isn’t that great for me.

  17. Halo Infinte is soooooo overrated….Forza Horizon 5 looks incredible but the actual racing which is the point of the game is nowhere near as good as horizon 4… of the Year easily Ratchet and Clank!!!!!

  18. Personal GOTY is Neo: The World Ends With You. It is a sequel made with passion. I am a bit biased cos that, Scott Pilgram and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond are the only games i completed this year, lol.

  19. No P5 Strikers? I would think it would be right up your alley

  20. Another Great year of videos from Johnny and friends at Happy Console Gamer. Really have enjoyed watching your videos the last several years and especially during these last 2 years during the end of the world it's been comforting to just hear someone talk about the games I love and games I've never heard of but like to hear about. Keep up the great work!

  21. Incredible video brother I 100% agree with this list fully liberated Tsushima and beat the story of Ghost Of Tsushima yesterday IT IS 100% worth it. Im almost halfway through Tales Of Arise, I got Nier Replicant cooking in the back log lol, I’m waiting on a bigger discount on ratchet and clank, and I think RE Village will be my 1st official Resident Evil game. 2021 came through with the hits. Thank you for the list

  22. It Takes Two, Rift Apart, and RE Village for me.

  23. Metroid Dread, MH stories 2, MH rise were probably my top 3. not from this year but i played final fantasy 8 this week and it is amazing how well that game holds up on switch 22 years after its original release

  24. Playing Guardians of the Galaxy right now for ps5. It’s awesome !! I went in with low expectations , the game blew me away.check it out if you haven’t yet you won’t be disappointed!!

  25. Notable games I've enjoyed this year that weren't my GOTY:

    -RE Village

    -SMT V

  26. Surprised “It takes two “ wasn’t in your list

  27. Top 5 this year in order
    1. Halo Infinite
    2. Life is Strange True Colors
    3. Resident Evil Village
    4. Tales of Arise
    5. Monster Hunter Rise

  28. Metroid Dread & Skyward Sword HD are the 2 games of 2021 I played the most

  29. I REALLY wanna try that haptic controller 🙁

  30. Great video, as always. Marvel Guardians caught a lot of people off guard. Hope they make a sequel.

  31. I think Resident Evil: Village is the most overrated game of the year. It’s so short also. I finished it in six and a half hours.

  32. My game of history is little nightmares 2 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  33. I know it’s not perfect and glitchy as shit.
    But I really enjoyed gta trilogy.
    A lot of fun and nostalgic memories.

  34. "I know my friend Rob doesn't like 4…"

    Outed him. Just like that.

  35. You have to play Kaze and the wilds masks. It’s such a treat if you love 90s platforming.

  36. My GOTY is Neo: The World Ends With You and Nier Replicant

  37. I love both John and Maximilian_DOOD, both have guardians on there list!

  38. My list contains RE Village, Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, Halo Infinite, Returnal and It takes two, Deathloop is extremely overrated, once I finished the campaign, I erased it from my Ps5 and didn’t even bother to play Julianna’s part

  39. My Top 5 Forza Horizon 5, Ratchet & Clank, Psychonauts 2, Guardian of The Galaxy, Mass Effect Legendary Edition

  40. I wish I had enough time to play as many games as you do 😩

  41. Where do you get all these cool Ys shirts from?

  42. 8:35 "I really , really enjoy playing it with my waifu" xD

  43. I feel that Metroid Dread wasn’t as big as it should have. It’s one hell of an amazing game. I got stuck on Kragg on normal difficulty and so I didn’t play for months until the new free update and I grinded one day on rookie mode and I’m back to Kragg and I’m still stuck on him. Even though it’s a very challenging game, replaying the 7 hours in only 2 hours of the same part of game it was almost as good as the first time. Im not a huge metroidvania fan but I do like everything about Metroid and this game is close to being on par with a anything Alien(1979) franchise. Oh it’s so beautiful. It’s just so well done and I know it did pretty well but it should’ve got more love and spotlight. This is why the metroidvania game is overly done. It’s close to a perfect game experience. I probably will never beat the game but holy the game is a masterpiece. Play Metroid Dread People!!!

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