Best Games Of The Last Decade -

Best Games Of The Last Decade

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2019 is coming to an end and so is the decade. So let’s play the top games of the decade on the jacksepticeye channel as chosen by you guys!

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Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


  1. sitting here watching this in March 2021 is so strange. We had no idea what was coming

  2. Wow, i didn't know Jack can do Gru's voice.

  3. jack, a thermometer explodes at 170 – 180 degrees Fahrenheit, or around 76 – 82 degrees Celsius.

  4. Life is strange would be a good one for nostalgia week 3

  5. i wish i sang the little inferno song when my house burnt down

  6. yes 2019 was bliss, then 2020 came and slapped us all. 2021 not any better – but getting there

  7. Oh my fucking god i remember watching the series and it was so god dam great

  8. I watched his recent video and I wanted to watch this and now I feel like it was yesterday. I didn’t realize it’s been over a year

  9. Get ready for COVID-19 2020 worst year EVER

  10. this video inspired me to go and watch every video from the time you started to now

  11. Og gamers know that that was a game & watch, not a game boy. But the differences between them is pretty much nothing 😉

  12. 7. Late shift
    5.Papers please
    4.Skate 3
    3.Paint the town red
    2.turbo dismount
    1.HAPPY WHEELS!!!!!

  13. Jack: “2019 has been a hell of a year.”

    Me sitting in 2021: “Yes. I miss it.”

  14. Thidn't know the World of Goo developer made more games!

  15. My Favorite Series U jack made me learn english and just wanna say thanks for putting a smile on my face

  16. the little inferno catalog theme sounds like it is from the episode of spongebob called "Squidville"

  17. This is the first game I think about when I think of jack and all the happiness and joy and tears from this being the first video I watch on YouTube and also being the best series in my life.

  18. I discovered jack through player select/Parker plays TV

  19. That is not the fucking Miss Nancy voice at all

  20. Little inferno… Bro. I started watching you at 12-13 and now I'm 18. Time flew and you helped 💞

  21. Oh how he doesn't know the pain we suffered during 2020

  22. The instructional video played and I heard "hey" and then a YouTube premium ad played and said "play animal crossing videos with your phone off" so I heard "hey play animal crossing videos with your phone off" as a sentence and it was funny as fuck

  23. bro I'm sitting here looking at jack and bro, he seems like such a good person to hug

  24. The first voice you sound like the teacher from kindergarten

  25. Little does he realize he was about to walk into the worst year ever😭

  26. This warms my heart almost to the point of tears of joy 😂 ❤

  27. I'm glad I was here 8 years ago on my account named killersmiles with a terraria video on it pls find it it got stolen from me

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