Best Games Of The Last Decade -

Best Games Of The Last Decade

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2019 is coming to an end and so is the decade. So let’s play the top games of the decade on the jacksepticeye channel as chosen by you guys!

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  1. I'm glad I was here 8 years ago on my account named killersmiles with a terraria video on it pls find it it got stolen from me

  2. This warms my heart almost to the point of tears of joy 😂 ❤

  3. Little does he realize he was about to walk into the worst year ever😭

  4. The first voice you sound like the teacher from kindergarten

  5. bro I'm sitting here looking at jack and bro, he seems like such a good person to hug

  6. The instructional video played and I heard "hey" and then a YouTube premium ad played and said "play animal crossing videos with your phone off" so I heard "hey play animal crossing videos with your phone off" as a sentence and it was funny as fuck

  7. Oh how he doesn't know the pain we suffered during 2020

  8. Little inferno… Bro. I started watching you at 12-13 and now I'm 18. Time flew and you helped 💞

  9. That is not the fucking Miss Nancy voice at all

  10. I discovered jack through player select/Parker plays TV

  11. This is the first game I think about when I think of jack and all the happiness and joy and tears from this being the first video I watch on YouTube and also being the best series in my life.

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