Best Games of the Year - 2019 -

Best Games of the Year – 2019

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A compilation of the best football matches played in the year 2019. It features comebacks, underdog wins and many more type of games. Let me know which game was your favorite. Enjoy!

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  1. Tottenham v Ajax (2019) & real madrid v man city (2022) is the best miracle match ever 🔥🔥

  2. Liverpool Vs Flamengo (FIFA Club Wolrd Cup Final)

  3. 18/19 champions League season has to be one of the greatest…Shame that final was so.boring

  4. Rashford touches the ball*
    England fans:oohh whaat!!??what a wonderful player!

  5. Can your next video be about Liverpool road to the finals 2022

  6. But 2019 was another epic year

    Where spurs won absolutely nothing

  7. Para mi fué un año maravilloso, excelentes equipos, muy buenos partidos, eneormes goles. No vi todos los juegoas, más si vi los resumenes con gran emosión. Saludos.

  8. 2018/19 When man city won all the titles in england

  9. i think you mean "best european games in 2019"

  10. I still remember being unhappy with Lucas Moura for spoiling a fairy tale that year

  11. Как-же мне нравится звук ворот, когда, например, Милнер забивает!!!

  12. One of best year for football fans for ever.

  13. Origi and Liverpool were meant for each other should've never allowed him to leave

  14. something special in bayern munich scoring 7-8 goal against big teams isn't piece of cake

  15. ZAFBRUV IC Best of Quran recitations says:

    Salahs sweater says it all

  16. ajax always produced promising players but some of them just ruins their careers

  17. Flamengo x River Na Final da Libertadores?? 🤔

  18. 2019 was the best football season ever that I remember

  19. Can we all agree that the American Commentators are absolutely awful

  20. Bro didn’t show atletico vs juventus

  21. Please the name of the commentator that commentated on man city vs Tottenham

  22. I hated Joe Willock at Arsenal and now he came to the Toon I love him!

  23. I feel so bad for Ajax. The one good game Moura had in his entire career had to be that one!

  24. That Onana save just before the 2-2 is insane

  25. I was like 8 or 9 when that England v Netherlands game was played, and that VAR decision still haunts me as a missed opportunity

  26. Lots of really great matches in 2019. Damn!

  27. it was annoying how some of the best games were my club and my national team getting destroyed

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