Best Games of the Year - 2020 -

Best Games of the Year – 2020

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2020 was the year a certain disease put the footballing world on hold. This meant there were less games in the year 2020 than usual. Despite that there were thrilling and exciting matches played between the best clubs in the world. We all remember the 8-2, but there might be some matches in this video you forgot about. Let me know in the comments which match was your favorite. Enjoy!

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  1. I don’t know what was more satisfying, Barcelona losing 8-2 or Liverpool losing 7-2

  2. 2020 was a really weird, special, worth remembering year

  3. The only good game I saw throughout 2020 was atletico vs liverpool

  4. I liked the part where you showed Southampton vs Wolves

  5. That 8-2 always pisses me off👿👿

  6. PSG vs United and Barca vs Bayern were my favourites

  7. the commentator for Monaco Vs PSG couldn't of sounded anymore enthusiastic

  8. Man City vs Leicester could have also been included.

  9. The most impressive, most exciting, most underrated, most fabulous, most informative, most entertaining channel. You deserve million subs. Keep it bro. Love ur channel ❤️

  10. Southampton vs wolves were my favourites

  11. iconic selebration from alvaro motara 🤜🏻

  12. What happened with the Wolves Southampton game? There was only a glimpse of it. It went from the beginning to the game to the end in like two seconds.

  13. Why is there just a 7 on the Barcelona-Real Betis game? What was the actual date of the game? Oh, never mind I found it. It’s November 7th, 2020.

  14. Love your compilations. So happy for your success!

  15. Why in Inter Siviglia there si a fans voice

  16. LiverpooL yak è kurang dhongo peforma midun alon alon

  17. That penalty for lyon wasn't a penalty he got the ball

  18. Most of these best games include lakaka😂(the G.O.A.T)

  19. Liverpool vs Chelsea. When Liverpool midfielders were in their prime😢

  20. I hate that commentator that always commentates for bayern

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