Best Games To Play On PS5 Right Now That's Actually Worth Buying In 2021 -

Best Games To Play On PS5 Right Now That’s Actually Worth Buying In 2021

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10 Best Games To Play On Ps5 Right Now That’s Worth Buying!
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All games featured in this video are running at 60FPS on Playstation 5 console.

I give you my top 10 PS5 games to play right now in 2021 that’s actually worth buying.
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-List of Games-

0:00 – Intro
0:22 – Watch Dogs Legion
1:17 – Nioh Collection
2:38 – Guilty Gear Strive
4:14 – Spider-Man:Miles Morales
5:24 – Resident Evil Village
6:31 – Yakuza Like A Dragon
7:58 – Demon’s Souls
8:58 – Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade
10:07 – Returnal
11:51 – Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart



  1. Yesss!! I agree, Ratchet And Clank is an amazing game! I had so much fun while playing it. Definitely worth the amount it is. Amazing storyline and I really hope they release a new one!

  2. Nah Im gonna have to flip out on you on WD Legion the game is an absolute dumpster fire.🔥DO NOT PURCHASE THAT TRASH..

  3. Lol ur gonna get popular soon enough I mean u r rn but how about this remember me when u get famous

  4. games for everyone yes but still no ps5 to be had

  5. Awesome video and cool voice. you need more subs bro.
    Regards from 🇨🇭

  6. Watchdogs legion is not solid… its trash

  7. “Top 5 games?” PS5 basically has only 5 games, so this “list” is moot.

  8. It will be nice to play ps5 games when we can all get our hands on the system. Most people can't even find one.

  9. The only reason why i buyed PS5 over Xbox Serie X is Final Fantas 7 Remake , i don't want to wait years for playing in on Xbox , and also the next Final Fantasy 16 wil only be on PS5..

    Not gonna lie i'm a huge Demon Souls Ratchet and Horizon fans too , but in term of hardware i feel like the Série X is just so much better than the PS5.. Hope Sony will changed that on the futur.

  10. For miles morales, unfortunately the PERFORMANCE RT mode turns it into 1080p, and that’s not really worth it for lighting, as the lighting isn’t in great quality anyway

  11. Insomniac throwing that sign down at 5:02 – i love little easter eggs like those.

  12. 6:27 It has nothing to do with previous games? This game is literally a direct sequel to re7 and has Chris Redfield who is a veteran character of the Re franchise. Also, you said collecting keys was a "mundane" task. Collecting items and solving puzzles is one of the things people loved about the original RE trilogy. It seems you know little to nothing about Resident Evil.

  13. As much as I like WDL and AC Valhalla, the ubi engine needs a serious rehaul

  14. As soon as he said don’t be a bitch and freak out … and then showed watch dogs legion .. I freaked TF out 🤣

  15. 9:49 the free upgrade for FF7R Intergrade applies to the digital version too. It's just the PS+ version that this doesn't apply to. So there's effectively three versions of FF7R on the PS4. Physical, Digital and PS+

  16. My favorites are Nioh Collection, Returnal, and most of all, Demons Souls

  17. Rift Apart is overrated because it doesnt have enough content but its still a GREAT game

  18. Resident Evil 8s story was shit, but nice gameplay

  19. Hi!Cool video.I wanted to ask because I don't know what I should do.I have a ps5 with ratchet and clank rift apart.I found the nioh collection for 35$,I'm gonna buy it and I want to buy demon's souls too.Does it worth getting both?I'm asking because those two games are alike…

  20. I thought it was only 10 games for the PS5

  21. As a Fromsoft veteran I couldn't enjoy Demon's Souls. It feels very much like a first attempt. I applaud how much they got right but it's slow and tedious imo and DS1 vastly improved on the formula

  22. Instead of Watch Dogs Legion, I recommend you to buy Judgment instead.

  23. Guilty Gear Strive footage shows Player 1 with nearly 250 ping and it looks like there is zero lag present.

    Quite impressive.

  24. Just found your channel and I love the videos man! Good straight to the point facts and I love the humour as well. Good job bro!

  25. Got yakuza like a dragon for $35 off of amazon the other day. The second I saw it at that price, I had to grab it

  26. Existem jogos pra PS5? Eu quero!

  27. Ratchet and Clank is simply epic, run at 120hz it’s looking game I’ve ever played

  28. Metro Exodus Complete edition should be on the list, check it out for sure.

  29. 12:39 ratchet and clank supports a unique frame rate in fidelity mode on a 120 Hz television. I started the game on my old 60 hz TV. My new TV supports 120 Hz. In fidelity mode it plays at 40 frames per second instead of 30 frames per second on a 60 Hz TV, and this 10fps boost makes a significant improvement. Initially, I preferred performance RT mode, now I prefer fidelity mode.
    Also, the game is epic, it’s like playing a Pixar movie!

  30. Ghost of Tsushima is still better than all of these by far

  31. Performance rt on r&c isn't the ticket if you have a good quality 4k tv. Fidelity or performance mode looks insane on my oled tv. Tried performance rt and the colour is all washed out with a very noticeable downgrade in resolution.

  32. Dark Souls 3 should also be on this list. I heard It got a 60 fps patch with improved graphics

  33. So can you help me out. If i set my ps5 to performance mode it automatically sets the game at 60 FPS. And is resolution mode 30 FPS and what is default mode and last question. How to get to 120 FPS. I agree with your line up totally. I hqvent played ratchet and clank yet but soon will be. Also believe it or not Oddworld Soulstorm is pretty good. Thats what i am playing currently. Great vid thanks

  34. I really Skipped PS4 for this and now i can't find the fking console but there are PS5 titles games in stores

    If you saw my comment on a previous video i suggest you to join me , by subscribing so i can know…

  35. Ghost of Tsushima and the last of us 2 is a must play on the PS5.

  36. Cant wait to play some of these when I can get my hands on a ps5. Great video

  37. Modern Guilty gear is not 2d. They have fully 3d models animated to simulate 2d animation.

  38. If only I could buy the console itself 😅

  39. Welll, after months of failing time and time again by the bots and assholes…. Sony sent me an email invitation to secure a ps5! TOMORROW BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS FUCKING GO!!!!!!!!!! always check your emails! I was shocked. what a fucking year.

  40. Please do not spoil bosses when you make these kind of videos!!!

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