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Best Games On Samsung Galaxy S5:
Best Games On S5 Mini:

Best Games on Note 3:
Best Games on S4 Mini:
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Name of the games shown in this video:

1. The Dark Knight Rises
2. GTA 3
3. Moden Combat 3
4. Mass Effect Infiltrator
5. NOVA 3


  1. I've plated mc4 on s3 mini and there isn't lag. Love my s3 mini

  2. Man, I used to play the dark knight rises on Xperia Mini(2011 phone) without lag

  3. where did you download a gta in samsung galaxy s3 mini

  4. how in the world did u get that many big games in that little phone i have the same phone and a big game already lags

  5. do you download all your games free.

  6. I am here to help you all, i used to unlock my s4 – its easy and free. best website i have seen for ages.

  7. i have a samsung s duos but i lag so much in many dead trigger(even in low graphics)why? :/ plz help me

  8. how did you save a lot of games? do you save it in the external sdcarn or internal the sd complements?

  9. how did you give the privileges to your sdcard? with an app? or you modify on root explorer your sd card?

  10. This phone is really good! I have one and i love it! I can run every game out there without lag… even these u show. just dont use LW and use game booster and you will be fine!

  11. in the part 2, why the games doesn't lag ?
    but in the part 3, the games just lag. Why is that ?

  12. how you can put all this games on s3 mini he has only 4 go pleas reply pleas  

  13. Heyy!! how much time does Nova 3 take to load…!
    plz plz plz tell me..!

  14. is that the games are installed in the external card mini s3!

  15. How free download gta 3 for Samsung galaxy s3 mini?

  16. Root your phone, download Gl to Sd, move games to sd card and play

  17. How mc3 you are downloading? Please help me ,i have a s3 mini but i dont now how downloading mc3 please help.

  18. you are idiot?
    is s3 mini i8190L ando not 8910L

  19. should i buy s3 mini or lg l bello? Can I get a better smartphone with the same amount of money?

  20. Lol if you like playing games dont buy s3 mini,lags so bad in high quality games

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  22. asphalt 8 work and sniper fury but Google play dont give the update so asphalt I download it no google play

  23. for all you asking about storage, root your device then you can manually move apps to SD card. you can get SD card's up to 64 GB but s3 mini only reads up to 32 GB think

  24. سويت انت data مال اللعبة gta

  25. the gpu on that little bastard is suffocating XD

  26. wie man die kamera sieht xxxxxxxxxxxxDDDDDDDD

  27. Can i install pubg mobile on samsung galaxy s3?

  28. Where do i download a gta 3 app on my samsungs3mini?

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