Best gun fighting sequence wolfenstein The New Colossus #gameplay #gaming #games -

Best gun fighting sequence wolfenstein The New Colossus #gameplay #gaming #games

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  1. Tbh I’d rather have blaz die and make it so you can play as wyatt or fergus after he dies like how you can play as luigi at the end of super Mario rather than him being brought back to life mysteriously by Nazi tech, I get that’s William is a fan favorite but you don’t just trick people into thinking the main character died and then go "jk"

  2. Я только что играл в эту игру, прямо тут остоновился

  3. A game that throws little babies in the deep end

  4. Tip: You can hold right mouse button on this weapon so it shoots faster

  5. I assume this is what Putin believes Germany to be like today.

  6. This game makes call if duty looks like a mobile game

  7. The White House, if Kanye was president

  8. The amount of times i died during this part 😭

  9. sadly that this badass kill streak ends up being a dream

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