Best Looking PS5 Game Ever?!? - Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores 4K Gameplay -

Best Looking PS5 Game Ever?!? – Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores 4K Gameplay

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Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores launched today and it’s sparked up a debate at Push Square. Is this the best looking game on PS5? Heck, is it the best looking game ever? Aaron is here to discuss.

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  1. Going from water to air with the water wing is absolutely mind blowing

  2. Why would you show graphics with screen tinted red while injured…

  3. I'd say Horizon Forbidden West & Callisto Protocol PS5 has the best graphics

  4. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is the best looking PS5 game in my opinion, especially when you consider it has ray-tracing at 60 fps, which Horizon: Forbidden West does not.

    Burning Shores looks good too but it doesn't look that much better than the base game on PS5 to me. I can still see very obvious pop in when you were flying around for example. I would have expected that to have been more refined than the base game due to it not having to cater for the PS4 but, nope, the pop in and LOD look the same as the base game's performance mode to me.

  5. I do believe these are the best graphics I have ever seen

  6. It looks nice and all but having played the entirety of the first game and about ten hours of Forbidden West, it's just so boring. It really doesn't help that Aloy continually nags you what to do when you're just trying to go and explore. I really wanted them to be great but the Horizon games exemplify what's wrong with AAA gaming. If it was a Unisoft title it would rightly be ripped to shreds.

  7. what are your graphic settings? Hdr settings ingame?

  8. I think it's safe to remove ps5 from the title for now

  9. The graphics and the game looks stupidly good. This INDEED IS NEXT GENERATION.

    Next generation starts when Sony says so. This is it. Pure grandeur.

  10. I'm currently playing through Horizon Forbidden West right now. I've got about 37 hours into the games and I'm not even halfway through the campaign as I've been focused on side missions and getting my skill tree upgraded lol I'm so damn excited for Burning Shores, I can even imagine HFW looking any better on my PS5 so that's got me really excited 😁🙌

  11. So impressed not without a bit of pop in but to look this good on an open world game is impressive! Absolutely awesome on my new G2 oled I just got!

  12. Forbidden West was the best looking game on PS5, and this is an upgrade from that.

  13. Yea, I've only played it for about an hour but this DLC is absolutely stunning. OMG, I'm glad it's not just me that sees the improvement.


  15. This game needs raytracing reflection,
    The gameplay loop is good
    Too bad there is a lot of hand holding for quests
    And the story is « meh » for me
    The fight is what makes me come playing this games
    I also enjoy the choice of going 3rd person character cam.

  16. Looks way better than GOW Ragnarok. Elden Ring is a PS3 game.

  17. Looks hella good but I’m not a huge fan of the series. Haven’t played a lot of it cause it’s just not my jam.

  18. I agree back in 2017 buying a 4k tv and ps4 pro I was blown away how amazing HZD looked 😱😱

  19. I played a little bit of burning shores before I had class. I will be picking up where I left off. It's 🔥 and looks amazing.

  20. Visuals are phenomal. It's not only technology, but the art direction, the use of color. And the craziest part is that HFW is a cross-gen title! It was developed so PS4 could run it.
    I'm sure we can expect from Horizon 3 and Death Stranding 2 even better visuals which is absolutely insane. I wonder how Santa Monica Studio or Naughty Dog would top this on their next games.

  21. What is this? Foveated rendering in a pancake game.

  22. With this at 60 ft fps, there's NO shot this is in 4k, as that would only be at 30 fps.

  23. "I find that when you have a real interest in life and a curious life, that sleep is not the most important thing." -Martha Stewart

  24. Going to push to complete the main game this weekend, then start burning shores. Looks fucking amazing. Does look better, graphically

  25. So right now xbox is over there fighting about whether or not both their major releases will be 30fps. Meanwhile playstation releasing monster hit after hit with draw dropping graphics.

  26. Ragnorok had similar graphics but the sharpness of distant objects and the open world make this game technically better.

  27. It's hard to tell, but to be honest this game is graphically better than the Last Of Us Part 1.

  28. I haven't been impressed by any other console game. Not even demon souls or TLOU part 1

    HFW is just next level

  29. "best looking PS5 game" nah it's one of the best looking games out right now in general, it always amazes me what some devs can do. I can only imagine what things will be like by the time the next gen gets here.

  30. This looks really amazing. I'm really tempted to consider upgrading to a PS5 in the future (have a PS4 Pro at the moment) after seeing this. The foliage, density and water graphics look amazing, and I'm watching it at 1080p…

  31. FW is one of the best looking games of all time

  32. Incredible what Guerrilla has achieved in this WOW DLC ! Forbidden West was my GOTY alongside God of War Ragnarök! But this new content is going even deeper into the next gen! I believe after this DLC, the PS5 should release only next gen games!

  33. Regardless of answer, Forbidden West is the very definition of a current gen game

  34. Its not even a question that this is the most beautiful game to date on any platform PC included in terms of overall aesthetic, running the DLC on a QD OLED is beyond breathtaking the level of detail is totally insane but the use of colour/artstyle and HDR in particular is what realy sets it apart from the other top end games out there which look very flat in comparison. Especially close up like the moss on rocks everything has multiple layers of detail. Dont even get me started on the underwater environments which are just a whole next level of stunning & performance wise im getting about 80 FPS average just walking and flying around with VRR so it feels incredibly smooth for this level of visuals.

  35. I'd say yes not even demon soles is on this level

  36. Silly question but what visual mode are people using? Balanced, performance, or resolution?

  37. The graphics distract me from the story but it's also making me much more interested and involved. Sailing with the boat and seeing the mountains far and near with the same detail while I pass near flowing lava man..

  38. There is a noticable improvement in both graphics and performance. And just think if this Expansion was only build on the PS5 (day one) and didn't spend around half of it's time being made for both the PS4 and PS5. I wouldn't be shocked if they rolled out a Update which boost the graphics a bit more.

  39. I'm stunned he seems not to have played/done anything in the game. These journos are just funny

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