BEST Management Games of 2023!! (GOTY) - Resource Management & Administration Games -

BEST Management Games of 2023!! (GOTY) – Resource Management & Administration Games

Orbital Potato
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It’s that time of the year! An opportunity to recap all the best games that have come out in 2023. Strategy games have had a great year, and some of my favourite games this year have been management games. Let’s dive into my top 10!

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00:00 Intro
01:17 Mind over Magic –
02:24 Bee Island –
03:33 Terra Nil –
04:35 Rogue Station –
05:29 Park Beyond –
06:28 Songs of Silence –
07:22 Lakeburg Legacies –
08:28 Diluvian Winds –
09:20 Mechabellum –
10:20 The Pioneers Surviving Desolation –
11:09 Bonus Games
11:40 Trackline Express –
12:30 Farlanders –
12:55 Wastelander –
13:12 Infection Free Zone –
14:20 White Sands –
15:16 Outro

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  1. Trackline Express if for April 18th!! just a few days! i'm quite happy i see your video 3 month late, i only have a few days to wait hahah

  2. I would love to see a video describing the differences between these categories. For example: How is a management game different from a tycoon game? Why are some city based games city builders and others aren't?

  3. Do you think that RimWorld will ever come to the switch? And is there a game like RimWorld on the switch? Thanks for all the videos, keep them coming!!!

  4. I've been spending way too much time playing Purr-fect Chef recently! 🐱👩‍🍳 It's such a cute and challenging cooking game. Any other gamers here tried it out?(Google Search Purr-fect Chef)

  5. Why need high graphic cards when we get close to 2 pixel graphics out of modern technology I expect more. Look like my 3 yr old did these games

  6. Just started playing Purr-fect Chef, and I'm hooked! 🐾👨‍🍳 The feline chefs add such a fun twist to the cooking experience. Any other hidden gem games you've discovered lately?(Google Search Purr-fect Chef)

  7. Every gamer should be subbed to this great YouTube channel 🎉

  8. White Sands has been delayed until January 25th.

  9. You can play with ifz right now.

    You go to the page of the prologue and you can find an article about the super early acces is available and you can buy it and play along how the devs are working on it.
    I bought it. I love it

  10. I'm playing Mind Over Magic right now and I really like it! What I'm really looking forward to is Castle Manager, but unfortunately for a long time all I can read on Steam is "Coming soon".

  11. Loving your lists dude! So glad I found your channel.

  12. Thanks for all your work making these lists for us, your suggestions are really helpful for finding new games. I would like to see more on survival but with no flipping zombies! My favourite at present is Subsistence but I cannot find any other survival non zombie games similar to,this survival base building first person game.

  13. Nice to see you take a look at Mind over Magic.

  14. A bit surprised there's no mention of Ratopia.

  15. Again a list of my library and wishlist for the most part, but it reinstated Bee Island and refreshed my memory of White Sands.
    I'm unsure if this fits on your channel, but Zero Sievert has taken up a lot of my time this year.

  16. Are you sure… trackline express is the correct video here?
    Like, what is that'?

  17. Best games in 2023? Graphics worse than the ones released in early 2000. Shame

  18. I believe that it is not advisable to purchase games in early access that do not receive updates at least once a month. As an example, The Pioneers: Surviving Desolation is a game full of bugs that cannot be solved even by loading a previous save, I don’t know how this can be, and the lack of at least small updates for 3 months. There is a chance that you will purchase the game and it will be wasted money because you could have bought something else with it.

  19. back in the 90s as a boy i was wondering what graphic the future games would have. now in the end of 2023 looking at a few of those videos about games of a specific genre i feel like we are going back to the 90s. sure graphic is not everything, but this wave of low poly or whatever that shit is is annoying to me.

  20. To me great games must chalenge our inteligence bringing with this great graphics and great soundtrack. Nice graphics only sooner or later begins to be bored. I suggest a video about ANNO series. Happy New Year people 👍🍻

  21. How can Songs of Silence be best of 2023 when its not even out yet?

  22. my only dream is to get industry giant 3 with competent AI.

  23. Norland seems to fly under the radar but looks pretty good from what I've seen.

  24. the way you talk about these games i just know, one big glorified ad. Not even good games

  25. thank you orbital potato. really good video. also i reeally like your channel name. orbital potato's a good one

  26. Mad Games tycoon 2 got fully released this year (early access ended) and I played that game a lot last year

  27. best roguelite strategy games 2023 list please

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