Best Mini-Game to improve Mechanics & Awareness for League - Mobalytics Proving Ground -

Best Mini-Game to improve Mechanics & Awareness for League – Mobalytics Proving Ground

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If you beat my score leave a comment with it and I’ll pick 5 to give away some RP to!
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Title: Insan3Lik3 – We Are The Robots (feat. Temu)
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Best Mini-Game to improve Mechanics & Awareness for League – Mobalytics Proving Ground


  1. 【御用羊奶粉】颯颯颯宇汰 says:


  2. I got 1693.4 so I guess I deserve Diamond now, right?

  3. I have an Azerty keyboard so I can't play the game 🙁

  4. The best way to improve your mehanix is, improving your fps and ms.

  5. I had to send my computer in for repairs because of the motherboard frying out. But would still love RP. Thanks for hearing me out xD

  6. Got 1881 points. Tried the nightmare one and got half of that 😛

  7. Total score: 1912
    Mechanics: 90
    Background processing: 95
    Map awareness: 93

  8. I got 2000. I wanted to go higher but i started to get to cocky. Serves me right 🙁

  9. i got 1650.4 in medium difficulty. nice video btw

  10. Why does chrome tell me that site "may include malware, phishing attempts, or disturbing content" ? I see you Phy

  11. The score is 1272…Hope I get the rp 🙂 … Much love..

  12. Medium- Total score/1425.3 Total time/59.97 Mechanics/77 Background processing/39 Map Awareness/ 77.1 Targets hit / 98 Accuracy 100% Precision/ 69% Targets ignored/ 0 Total points lost/150

  13. 1765.8 so far, gonna keep going this is a good app thanks bro. also give me ur rp 🙂 (NA, league username: Biszhop)

  14. highest was 1553 -,-"
    really fun game but I dislike the one of the left, should've been at the bottom

  15. WTF i can't open the internet page it say " An error occured running the unity content on this page. See your browser Javascript console for more info. Error: syntaxe error." someone can help me ? 🙁

  16. Took me quite some tries, but then I got a score of 1760.3 I hope you don't just select the highest scores, otherwise I should keep playing XD.

  17. Mechanics 76
    Background Processing 73.2
    Map Awareness 93.9

  18. man…especially for lol you say…. then they MUST KNOW that some players play whit the mini-map on left side of the screen because it's easier BECAUSE they are, like me, left eye dominant!!!

  19. Total Score : 1785.3
    Total Time : 59.98
    Mechanics : 82
    Background processing : 73.4
    Map awareness : 92

    StillBeginner – EUNE

    I hope I win 🙂

  20. otp one champ and never get bored

  21. i end up quiting league and play this game instead

  22. Are there any games you would recommend at the moment any new ones or better ones come out? I dont play league I play heroes of the storm but I'm looking for something that would help me out something like this would still help I think.

  23. Hey, I scored 1901.9 and made a video about it. Is it okay if I can relate to this video? Thanks!

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