BEST New Nintendo Switch Games | Any WORTH it!? -

BEST New Nintendo Switch Games | Any WORTH it!?

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Here is a list of some of the best games that are about to release on the Nintendo Switch in the third week of September 2021. So what’s coming? Let’s find out…

Intro 0:00
Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions 0:31
The Magister 1:32
NBA 2K22 2:08
Cruis’n Blast 2:30
Colors! Live 3:27
Mindcell 4:22
Flynn: Son of Crimson 5:01
Eastward 5:50
RiMS Racing 6:48
Tails of Iron 7:35
Nexomon 8:36
TOEM 9:29
Outtro 10:13

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  1. It is a shame Eastward is made by a PRC developer. Hate the idea of my purchase money going to taxes for a genocidal government 😭

  2. Honestly that new Cruis'n game looks pretty fun, and Eastward is downright gorgeous. Picked up the new Warioware yesterday and so far it's exactly what I thought it would be (which is a good thing IMO)

  3. Possibly a pricey week! Eastward, Flynn and Nexomon, thanks for the great info as always!

  4. I hope you guys get a chance to review Eastward

  5. fook nba2k22. if it isnt next gen then youre just buying 2k21 with a roster update. dont buy now and wait for about a year and then it will have a MASSIVE sale of up to 80+% like what happened to my nba 2k21

  6. Thanks Glen. I just got Big Rumble Boxing based on previous review. Love it. Looking forward to Ni Nu Kuni 2 coming out later in month.

  7. Cruis'n Blast has got to be the highlight this week, although Colours 3D was an absolute joy on 3DS so maybe I should part with some money revisit my inner Monet

  8. Eastward and Tails Of Iron for me. There’s a lots of great game on sales in eshop currently. It’s damn tempting but nah save my money for this 2 games next week!

  9. Tails of iron sounds like a dlc to the witcher with geralts voice

  10. I have high hopes for Eastward & Toem.

    I followed the magister for a while. It came out on PC earlier this month & the majority of reviews seem positive, though some suggest the title falls short of the innovative flash games previously offered by the developer. For anyone interested there are a few in-depth reviews up on steam both critical and complimentary.

  11. I’m really looking forward to Eastward. Hoping it’s not another Baldo situation lol

  12. Definitely will be picking up the magister, thanks for another great video.

  13. Cruis'n blast looks like great fun.
    I am 33 and still play the cabinet game at my local bowling alley.
    That and cruis'n USA.
    So hyped!!!!

  14. One thing is certain, Eastward's soundtrack is entering the rotation.

  15. Had my eye on Eastward for a while but won't be buying till I've read reviews. Was almost certain I'd be buying Baldo but it sounds terrible. Another one I'm glad I waited for reviews on.

  16. Two things – I believe you forgot Ni No Kuni II (Sept. 17th I think), and it looks like you’re about to hit 200,000 subscribers! Congrats!

  17. Toem looked interesting on the last Nindie Direct, certainly one I'd look out for on a sale.

  18. SkateBIRD and Nexomon are my pickups for next week. I'm looking forward to playing them!

  19. I’ve already bought “Eastward” and “Tails of Iron.” I may also grab “Flynn” and “Nexomon.” “Toem” looks kinda interesting. I may consider that, too.

  20. Definitely picking up Cruis’n Blast. I love these types of racing games

  21. I have high hopes for Eastward and Toem. Cruisin’ Blast is now on my radar. RiMS was too but I’ve become increasingly pessimistic about that one – it seems impossible to make a good looking motorcycle game on Switch, unfortunately.

  22. Some interesting games here, looking forward to the reviews of Mindcell and others!

    Cheers as always lads!

  23. I’m actually looking forward to picking up Big Rumble Boxing. Loved the Rocky/ Creed movies so this is a must for me

  24. Wow I just told my wife "7 pounds for Nexomon you should get it" lol I live in America. I watch you guys to much lol but mean that with love. Great video as always Glen cheers!!

  25. Pretty much as soon as I saw the art style for eastward I was sold, also quite interested in tails of iron art style looks amazing for that aswell. When I saw your bit on rims racing I was like this surely isn't running on switch.

  26. Already pre-ordered Toem and Eastward. Can't wait to start them. Cruis'n looks like fun but also kinda cheap. I wonder how it plays.

  27. Eastward after a review and hoping Rim's is good after a review. Picked up WarioWare Get It Together lastnight, fun,silly and addicting game 😁

  28. Been waiting for Flynn son of crimson for years!

  29. Colors! Live looks fun. I might pick that up so that I can do something while waiting for my games to load on my computer.

  30. Eastward reminds me of Secret of Evermore with a hint of Earthbound.

  31. If nexomon is like the android/iOS with the IAP then it's fail.

  32. i love pixel art games, I'm Ready for EastWard, but flynn son of crimson also looks interesting, it makes me confused hahaha

  33. When’s the Eastward review likely to drop? Wanna catch the 10 % discount.

  34. If this is a list of the BEST new nintendo switch games, then why is NBA 2k on this list? It's notorious for being a godawful series.

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