BEST New Nintendo Switch Games | Any WORTH it!? -

BEST New Nintendo Switch Games | Any WORTH it!?

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Here is a list of some of the best games that are about to release on the Nintendo Switch in the first week of May 2024. So what’s coming? Let’s find out..

00:00 – Upcoming this week…
00:24 – Lunar Lander Beyond
01:23 – Wrath: Aeon of Ruin
02:05 – The Night of the Rabbit
03:11 – Imagine Earth
04:10 – PAC-MAN: Mega Tunnel Battle Chomp Champs
04:39 – Gift
05:45 – 1000xRESIST
06:40 – Animal Well
07:44 – CorpoNation: The Sorting Process
08:50 – Rainbow Cotton
10:08 – Outro and SAVE MONEY!

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Music used: – The Empty Moons of Jupiter by DivKid

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  1. Little Kitty Big City is what I’m most looking forward to. Gives off Untitled Goose Game vibes and I’m all for that

  2. Where is Little KITTY, BIG City? 😿 What?

  3. 27 quid for Lunar Lander? Someone's smoking something good. It's a low quality mobile game.

  4. Where was Little Kitty Big City on the list 🐱 it comes out May 9!

  5. I would like to see a review of Imagine Earth. Looks my kind of game.

  6. I can't rememba if i like Animal Well…because i got amnesiaaa

  7. Animal well. Game of the year every year baybeeee

  8. Why do I watch these so my wallet get thinner I’ve waiting for your thought on the night of the rabbit

  9. And imagine earth oh this week is going to make me cry

  10. Night of the Rabbit looks weird and interesting, going on the wishlist.

  11. Slim pickings of late. The comparably weak releases, over the last few months, feels to me like the biggest sign that the Switch is–or should be–on its last legs.

  12. Imagine earth and maybe gift look nice…but..boy this year gonna be long.thk god i only have my switch since a year so i ll get old games.or even roms.

  13. Night of the white rabbit has such cute graphics! 🐇

  14. Pacman looks cool but I don't wanna play online 🙁

  15. Would love to see Switch Up’s review of Megaton Musashi Wired!

  16. Definitely picking up animal well. Game looks awesome

  17. 1000xresist caught my eye. This was totally off my radar. Looks interesting and its from the same publisher as Citizen Sleeper so I'm tempted to purchase…

  18. Animal Well looks great…but can we talk about Sea of Stars physical finally releasing this Friday?? I'm hyped

  19. I'm looking forward to a new game where the aim is to make the best Vetkoek topping combination. To earn ingredients you will have to fight your way through jungles and rescue the princess of each jungle respectively at which point she will give you rare ingredients. I think it will be a winner. The Amazing Vetkoek Adventures !😮

  20. Cheers guys, nice video but I’m working through the backlog at the moe

  21. Excited to see what reviews await us next week 😊😊

  22. There are so many solid-looking games here. People who think the Switch is slowing down… which system are you playing??

  23. The penultimate game of next week is Little Kitty, Big City… it's even broken into the best sellers list as a pre-order!

    Of the ones you mentioned, "Animal Well" is the most interesting, but Little Kitty, Big City takes my top spot as I pre-ordered it and my girlfriend is excited for it too lol.

  24. Its weird theres quite a few games in here that look really interesting and unique. But im not actually that interested in picking any of them up really >.<

  25. 1000xresist totally sounds and looks like my type of game, too bad I'm ultra low on funds to get it… That underwater plataformer sounds really interesting too. And that packman game sounds good but idk if it's mostly multiplayer I think it's waay to expensive it should've been half of that tops.

  26. I noticed my iPhone makes a slight vibration when the time counter gets to the end for the next game. Love all the details and work that goes into segmenting each game and making it easy for us viewers.

  27. Bruh, my poor wallet.
    Have to stop watching these lol. My poor back log gets bigger everytime.

  28. Imagine Earth, RTS? Um sign me up.
    I'll wait for your review though before diving in.

  29. I was part of the writing team for Matt Kempkes "Night of the Rabbit". Great Game with a bucket load of heart.

  30. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. How could you forget Little Kitty, Big City?! It comes out Friday!

  31. What other platforms do you guys play on? I do have an Xbox and used to exclusively play that but now only play switch on handheld (largely because of kids).

  32. Where can I get a physical copy of Animal Well?

  33. Hey guys, love your vids!!! Just wanted to say, might need to make a correction: Gift IS getting a physical release over at Playasia, and Animal Well doesnt seem to currentlt have any plans for a physical (according to their discord, at least).

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