BEST New Nintendo Switch Games | Any WORTH it!? -

BEST New Nintendo Switch Games | Any WORTH it!?

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Here is a list of some of the best games that are about to release on the Nintendo Switch in the final week of June 2021. So what’s coming? Let’s find out…

Intro 0:00
Trove 0:22
CarX Drift Racing Online 1:11
Zombies ate my Neighbors/Ghoul Patrol 1:51
Disgaea 6 2:58
Destroy All Humans! 3:47
Anna’s Quest 4:38
Onirike 5:32
Sky: Children of the Light 6:19
Doki Doki Literature Club Plus 7:17
A Tale of Synapse 8:08
Outtro 8:55

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  1. Nothing catches my eye this week, but there's always something for someone on this platform. So many games!

  2. I think Doki Doki is a mandatory title. Brilliant game! It's free on Steam, but I bought de fan pack to show my appreciation to the dev. Worth the €12,50 they're asking on Switch. Just know it takes an hour or two to really get going.

  3. Waiting for Monster Hunter Stories
    Pre ordered that game
    Normally I never pre order 😀

  4. Didnt really get excited about any of these 🙂

  5. You missed The Procession to Calvary. I got a review code for it. It's Monty Python meets Monkey Island, and it's glorious!

  6. Nah brah, I'm saving up for Metroid Dread, Binding Of Isaac Repentance, No More Heroes 3, WarioWare, Blaster Master Zero 3, and more I can't think of at the moment. This is my wallet's cool down period since the last sale.

  7. Sky is fun. Played it on the ipad but had to give it up since I had trouble playing skill intensive games on touch screens.
    Will definitely pick it up once it arrives on the switch.

    As for the monetization of the game, it is more on aesthetics than anything else. 🙂

  8. “Remember we give a free Nintendo game each and every month………” WHEN LORD WHEN IS GOING TO BE MY TIME?

  9. Yeah you uh kinda can't be told about Doki Doki, it's best to go in blind. But there is a reason it has 3 "THIS GAME WILL MESS WITH YOU" warnings before you press start

  10. Been looking forward to Disgaea 6 since it’s announcement, but gotta say I’m kinda mad there’s a pay-wall (in-game purchases) included with the game. I’m still getting it so 🤷‍♀️

  11. Zombies ate my neighbours and Destroy all Humans?!? Remember the 90s? Well, they’re back (and not just in POG form)

  12. Have been patiently waiting for ZAN and Ghoul Patrol. Since the double pack was announced in fact. I haven't played those 2 in years, but they still look as good as ever.

  13. I have played sky, it’s similar to the journey game very mellow and relaxing and you can get hooked quickly. Well I did I should say since I I was already a huge fan of journey

  14. Sky is amazing, had it on my phone for ages, will defo grab it on switch

  15. Very Quickly… You dont play Doki Doki, Doki Doki plays with you

  16. Out of all of the games shown today, I’m most curious about Sky Children of the Light, Anna’s Quest, and Onirike, although I’ll be waiting for what the reviews say as always. Although not the most exciting week, there are still some very solid choices here. Thanks for the video.

  17. Hoping you have a review of Destroy all Humans. I’ve never played this on previous platforms.

  18. How have you not heard of or played Doki Doki? It's an experience like no other, you just have to play it to find out why it's not a long game

  19. Just waiting for destroy all humans. From the shark rpg in maneater why not an alien again played the original and i really enjoyed it

  20. It's weird to see Mark here instead of Glenn

  21. Wait what? It took Sky Children of the light to arrive on Switch? Damn…

  22. Can't wait for a review of Destroy all Humans! The game seems promising but i want to know how good this port is.

  23. Damn Trove looks like a fun FPS to dive into – thanks for putting it on this video (even if you don’t have the time to cover it later)

  24. You guys do give out a lot of games. Although I have never been lucky enough to win, I would like to congratulate all that have.

  25. 🦜😉👍 arrgh matey,
    .. me wallet is safe for now

  26. Explore the maths world…. games are supposed to be fun not a torturous nightmare!

  27. Never heard of Doki Doki but that description and the reviews seem really interesting. Going to have to get it I think.

  28. Pre-ordered Disgaea 6 I might check out Doki Doki. Thanks for the video.

  29. Just a note: the performance in the Disgaea 6 demo on Switch was absolutely awful. Not sure about the full game, but just something people should keep in mind.

  30. Already preordered disgaea 6!!!!! Can’t wait.

  31. Gonna pass. Nothing stood out. Anyways sad when that happens

  32. A spoiler free explanation for ddlc is realistically almost impossible. Only thing I can say is take any and all expectations and throw them out the window. Even going into it with the knowledge that it is a horror game will give you certain expectations, but those will almost definitely be wrong too.

    Two pieces of advice for those that play it though. The game gives an explicit disclaimer when you boot it up, take that seriously. Also don't discredit the first act of the game. Most of the people I know who didn't like it skipped through the first part and didn't take it seriously which will drastically decrease the impact fulness of the latter half. Just take the time to enjoy the happy moments before everything falls apart

  33. Destroy all humans was such a good game can't wait to play it again

  34. Sky is wonderful. You can play the game to the end and over and over again for free without paying. They offer in-app purchase for in-game currency (candles), special items, and seasonal passes.

    Much more fun playing with friends or befriending random players you meet along the way.

  35. Destroy all humans just looks too good to be true. I’m almost tempted to just go for it. I hope there’s a SwitchUp review coming?! 🤞🤞

  36. Couple of good ones this week, cheers guys.:) ZAMN and Trove right up my ally.

  37. 2:53 Giant Baby! :3 I loved ZAMN so much. Will grab it on switch or Xbox.

    Also, “homage”. The H in silent.

  38. 7:17 Yuri is best girl 😂😜

    Seriously though…if you have any sort of mental trauma or suicidal thoughts, you may want to stay away. It’s…certainly very complicated and not for the faint of heart (or mind).

  39. I've played Sky on mobile and it is good fun, a nice game to just chill out with every now and again, so I'm looking forward to being able to play it on the Switch.

  40. Oof, Doki Doki eh? I’ve played it once, and once was enough to give me nightmares for weeks. And I love dark games; Saya no Uta was a snap.

    It basically takes your expectations on the kind of game you think to be playing, turns it in its head with a slap in the face, and messes with you entire perception on what games are ‘meant’ to be with a healthy dose of 4th wall-breaking horror and some dark imagery/narrative. It’s sorta impossible to describe it without spoiling anything, but it’s singularly unique from anything I’ve ever played, or will ever play again in my lifetime.

    I’ll never look at poetry the same again that’s for sure.

  41. I'll wait until disgaea 6 is on sale and that is about it… waiting for mh stories 2

  42. was a huge disgaea fan, I am sad that Disgaea 6 has microtransactions like the Disgaea 4 switch port. Really shameful.

  43. Nothing for me this week, mostly wating for the end of July to get NEO: TWEWY!

  44. Doki doki finally gets to take my money wish all free games were quality horror games

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