Best New Roblox Games - Ep #30 -

Best New Roblox Games – Ep #30

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This is episode #30 of my weekly New Roblox Games series. We have some great games this week. If you missed any of the previous episodes you can catch them here:

0:00 Intro
1:37 Toll Bridge Simulator
2:23 The Dream Survey
4:07 Altered Online
5:30 Bodycam
7:02 Parasite
8:18 The Hallway
9:41 Scary Simon Says
10:38 The Depths
11:25 The Stairs
13:17 Twenty One

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  1. idea for next one: pixel gun tower defense 3

  2. Two games you could check out for the next episode, The Descent; It's a Lethal Company-like game but surprisingly well made with different monsters that you have to avoid with various ways, overall pretty fun, they also have a system where if you have a Walkie-Talkie and have Voice chat, you can talk and others will be able to hear you through it they also have VC and a Walkie-Talkie

    The second game is Pressure (when i played it yesterday it said the game was closing fairly soon so be quick if you want to check it out) It's a Doors-Like game but with interesting lore, different entities mechanics and overall great ambiance, the game happens in a submarine and your objective (i assume since i didn't get to the end) is to get to the end of the submarine, the game also has Voice Acting for the Merchant NPC, which is voice acted by Gianni Matragrano who Voiced Gabriel in ULTRAKILL, also a cool mechanic is that if you die to a certain entity, it will show you a document that explains lore and how to avoid the entity, the document will get more and more full each time you die to the same entity

  3. Twenty one takes inspiration from the Resident evil 7 blackjack minigame.

  4. Bodycam and depths actually looks really fun good video

  5. Have you covered Helmet? It recently reopened for alpha.

  6. Hey DV! I think Bridge Duel by DarkenedRing has to be mentioned on this list. It's honestly pretty underrated.

  7. try prototype its a short game but i think it will get longer and its kinda cool with abit of lore

  8. Everyone is copying hellmets helmet/body cam concept..

  9. Episode 30 great job DV! I was there when you started this series!

  10. you should include centaura in one of these.

  11. Dv there’s a game called project Gaming it’s like smash bros but different

  12. DV, can you play Cold Void by amogussy_gamer? Thanks

    also great video, some of these games are pretty underrated

  13. I love these videos! One day I dream one of my games will be previewed here <3

  14. I believe "Twenty one" is the blackjack game from RE7.

  15. Dv you have to play lost rooms by morbid studios, it’s a really fun game where u hunt for resources in the day and try kill a monster at night

  16. Hey dv u should try this gsme call demon piece its a new one piece gsme snd very cool

  17. Hey dv u shoukd try this game called guns galore

  18. DV i recommend you to play a game called legend Re:written its a anime style RPG game

  19. 1:37 "best NEW roblox games". the game was literally made in 2018 and i remember playing it like 5 years ago xD

  20. Highly recommand game helmet,a cqb game

  21. The stairs reminds me off scp-087 and I’m pretty sure twenty one is based off the resident evil 7 mini game

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