Best New VR Games 2024 & VR News on Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 PSVR2 & PCVR -

Best New VR Games 2024 & VR News on Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 PSVR2 & PCVR

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Best New VR Games 2024 & VR News on Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 PSVR2 & PCVR. Todays video goes over all the games im excited for to come this year and some VR news and new vr game announcements!

00:00-Hellsplit Arena
00:45-Ghosts of Tabor Bunker Cat Update
01:05-Contractors Solo Mode Beta
01:32-Batman Arkham Shadow
02:04-Metro Awakening VR
03:38-Alien Rogue Incursion
04:05-Zombie Army VR
04:55-Mudrunner VR
05:33-Ultimate Swing Golf
06:12-Arken Age VR
06:44-Wanderer VR Remastered
07:23-Aces of Thunder
08:03-Gunman Contracts

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  1. harley going to be a asian feminist in batman?

  2. I really wish they would make a version of the A. VP from the year 2000 in V. R.

  3. a standalone gunman game is really exciting. dont know how many times iv played the mods literally a john wick simulator XD they should just call it john wick and get more people in lol

  4. Solo mode in C$S gonna be so PHAT. Metro Awakening got me bricked. Hoping Zombie Army doesn't suck ass. Gunman Contracts Standalone gonna be mega fun too, hope modding support is open so those big brains can do some really cool stuff!
    Thanks for the video!

  5. This will probably be remembered as a pretty big year in vr history. Im excited to see how the first true Quest 3 games look, Batman and Alien. But Im also looking forward to most of the games on this list. Especially Arken Age, Gunman Comtracts, and Wanderer. Honestly Im a little disappointed that Wanderer is coming to the Quest 2 as well as the Quest 3. So I think the graphics on the Quest version might not be so good. So Ill probably getting that on either Steam or PSVR2. Overall though, a great year for VR.

  6. I roll my eyes whenevr behemoth is mentioned. Hope im wrong like i was with asgards wrath 2.

  7. solo mode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Now is the time to get a headset. The last game would be epic if they added a slo mo max payne style.

  9. What's another superhero game in VR other than Ironman?

  10. What’s the name of the first game and the last one?

  11. UH where's the VR oasis video in the description?! 🙁 I don't see it!

  12. Why no one talk about "The Burst" ? The demo was amazing !

  13. Gunman Contracts PSVR2 VERSION I hope ♥️

  14. 8:13 Guman Contracts Standalone isnt gonna be standalone on quest btw thats just the title. I probably just didnt hear it correctly

  15. Bruh.. behemoth is gonna be insane. No way it wont.

  16. Ace of thunder scares me. I got super mostion sick last sim I played.

  17. Where did you get the footage of the bunker cat?

  18. Behemoth gives me vr dark souls vibs

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