Best no WiFi games for long car rides 🚙 #shorts -

Best no WiFi games for long car rides 🚙 #shorts

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  1. Me:”wow these games are cool but I have a internet on my car-“

  2. I would love to play games on a car ride but the problem is I’ll vomit everywhere- 😃

  3. throws up cutely while playing the games in the car

  4. A no WiFi game for football fans -madfut

  5. you can add to the moon. It’s a very fun game. It doesn’t use Internet and I have played a lot of time.😊

  6. Bro what are you talking about Amaze needs Wi-Fi-

  7. Bro subway surfers was an amazing game back then but now they support lgbtq and i am a muslim so i cant play it😢

  8. Who don't have subway surfers on their phones

  9. Slither io, fruit ninja, temple run, flappy bird, flappy dunk, geometry dash, paper io, golf io, carve it, and build up are all very good no Wi-Fi games

  10. I think u need qi-gi for subway surf 🚉 🏄

  11. I'd rather not use phones in cars since ill get a headache overtime

  12. You guys should try armored squad its a really fun mech fighting game

  13. l would vomit in seconds if l play thoose games in a car

  14. Bro I still play subway surfers and it’s my absolute LIFE😂

  15. Also toca boca if you love to roleplay i LOVE TO PLAY TOCA BOCA because there is so many places to go and the prices are s9 cheap for example the mordern mansion is 2.99 and it comes with so much furniture to design and decorate your house!

  16. I was the best at subway surfers and I still am nobody has ever beaten my highscore

  17. No one is gonna remember ninja fruit?
    Only me?

  18. Broski i have those games on my phonr already no cap

  19. Im literally still a kid but anyways i download. subway surfers

  20. i recommend like a dino has sum levels and its not that hard and quite fun and awesome music!

  21. Another relaxing game to play in the car is triple A, a game where your move different particles with your fingers. MIGHT sound boring but check it out! I really recommend it, you dont have to if you dont want to.❤

  22. Amaze actually does require Wi-Fi now 🙁

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