Best Oculus Quest 2 Games | Top 20 Meta Quest VR Titles (2022) -

Best Oculus Quest 2 Games | Top 20 Meta Quest VR Titles (2022)

Tech Spurt
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Reviewing the best Oculus Quest 2 (or Meta Quest) VR games that you can download as we hit 2022. These are my top 20 favourite free and paid single player titles for solo play, stay tuned for a round up of the greatest co-op and multiplayer games for the Oculus Quest 2!

Fresh new Meta Quest uploads such as Resident Evil 4 VR and A Song In The Smoke offer impressively immersive experiences, which can’t be beaten. The OQ2 also boasts a strong selection of puzzle, action and adventure games, so there’s something to suit all tastes.

My list of favourite titles includes classics like I Expect You To Die and the sequel, as well as workouts from Pistol Whip 2089, Smash Drums and more. Plus of course you can’t beat Super Hot, Robo Recall and The Room VR for passing a dull afternoon.

What are your own picks of the best Meta Quest/Oculus games you can play as we hit 2022? Let me know what I missed in the comments!

Best Oculus Quest 2 Games (2022) Chapters:
0:00 – The waffly beginning bit
0:56 – Resident Evil 4 VR
2:10 – I Expect You To Die
2:50 – Walking Dead Saints & Sinners
4:16 – Arizona Sunshine
5:19 – Jurassic World Aftermath
5:57 – Trover Saves The Universe
6:26 – Red Matter
6:43 – Pistol Whip 2089
7:46 – Super Hot VR
8:11 – Tales From Galaxy’s Edge
8:58 – Vader’s Quest Trilogy
9:13 – Robo Recall
9:29 – Walkabout Mini Golf
10:04 – Myst VR
10:55 – A Fisherman’s Tale
11:56 – The Room VR A Dark Matter
12:51 – A Song In The Smoke
13:26 – Fit XR
14:07 – Audica
14:27 – Synth Riders
14:40 – Smash Drums
15:26 – Byyyyeeeeee


  1. love how you have your channel in the backround

  2. The Room is the best game on oculus quest, hands down!

  3. Wishing everyone a Merry plague-free Christmas 🎄

  4. dude, you can literally take photos of everything in Myst, it's built-in to keep notes.

  5. he got me with the going to bluewater on a saturday afternoon!

  6. Tech Spurt Weekly
    Love your videos Tech Spurt I've been watching the channel since the a51 samsung review and i love how you review phones at all types of price ranger's.
    Also do you think their should be a phone with two sd card slots instead of two sim slots

  7. Gun Club VR is also kinda fun, if you wanna feel like an American without being an American

  8. Oculus is shit, the CS is shit. I suggest spending a bit more and getting a proper headset.

  9. this guy adds humor to his videos and it makes me want to buy all of these even more

  10. Hey man, I've heard there is s referral program where booth persons will receive a 30usd gift card. I am going to buy the quest 2, could you maybe provide me with such s Link?

  11. Cool list. I would have not call half of these games good but everyone have an opinion

  12. Great list. You Missed Tetris though!! It’s sublime

  13. If it’s not already, among the sleep would be perfect for vr.

  14. NO SPEAR !!! ??? the KING of weapons !!! ???

  15. Saints and sinners is probably the most polished game. MOH above and beyond looks impressive but struggles with frame rate on some of the levels.

  16. Saints and sinners is probably the most polished game. MOH above and beyond looks impressive but struggles with frame rate on some of the levels.


  18. Honestly it's easy for me to forget you also cover VR stuff, hope to see more videos like this from you!

  19. if you buy games under a FB account, can you log out/log in to another account and still have the games you purchased? Is it going to make you repurchase the games like it does on PS5?

  20. Boozed up northern easy puzzles you say? I’m in

  21. I love my quest 2 but I need more full games like resi 4 vr I would love a evil within vr game.

  22. How can I play and not hurt my eyes over time?

  23. am waiting for the multiplayer video!! thanks Tech Spurt!

  24. what specs are folks running on their gaming rig to pair with the oculus quest 2?

  25. 14:40 Hey, IT ME! Thanks so much for the mention! Awesome list!

  26. Do we have to buy games separately? Download? Completely new to it. Do we have to worry about voltage for use in a different country?

  27. people still are listening to the government?? lmao

  28. Just got one myself and made sure to watch to see if I missed any solid games knowing you have excellent taste 🔥 Great video!

  29. Bought one today! Tomorrow it arrives I'm so excited I've been doubting to get one but ready player one made me do it! What should I try first I like shooters and zombies games Aswell

  30. I just bought RESIDENT EVIL 4 and for some reason it won’t download… Every time I try download it and it’s going all right I turn off my quest two and when I turn it back on the whole thing restarts. Also it’s taking hours to download. Anyone know what to do. Please get back to me.

  31. How do I change the control hand from right to left?

  32. Some parties were indeed cancelled but it appears elsewhere they went ahead and had been doing during various so called lockdowns. Forget bring a bottle, bring a suitcase!

  33. No mention of Moss? 🙁
    That game blew my mind more than any other VR game so far. The first time the first level loaded up…my breath was legit taken away. And the main character you're helping out is absolutely adorable!

  34. dude did you just cover all the old games? WTF do you even play the oculus? You basically just listed launch titles…

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