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Best of Games – The Office US

The Office
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The people in this office are bored a lot!!

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  1. The only time I like Toby in the entire show was when there were betting money on stuff

  2. The office olympics is what Dundies was trying to do. Make people feel appreciated.

  3. This always reminds me of the jimmy jab games from Brooklyn 99

  4. Stanley has mastered the art of not giving a F**k about anything. Just let him be with his crosswords or soduku or whatever man jeez…..

  5. I spy with my little eye a "LackaWanna Volunter Sherrifs Deputy" mug.

  6. I just realized how short Oscar is in front of jim 😆

  7. 0:22 reminds me of the game office jerk.
    The guy looks like Dwight and their chr l chucking things onto his desk and in his coffee… Hahahaha

  8. Kevin must be a millionaire, Mellencamp has won Luke 3 Oscar's

  9. Oh Stanley noticed, we always do. He just didn't care lmao in the black community it's called minding your business peep everything and say nothing.

  10. Stanley notices he just doesn’t care to acknowledge

  11. I thought it was the ceiling, but you can clearly see a microphone right at the beginning of the video.Xd

  12. Stanley throwing up the star trek sign lol

  13. I believe Stanley saw everything he just doesn't care 😂😂😂😂

  14. The question isn’t what won’t Stanley notice it’s how much will he not care

  15. Nobody works in this office yet most of them are millionaires

  16. I love how they start gambling for anything 😎

  17. Anyone notice how the audio of Jim's voice was rerecorded at 2:47?

  18. How did Toby just “find a potato”?

  19. The whole office Olympics thing is super cute actually.

  20. Creed's smile at 5:12 is like "I have no idea what is going on, but let's go with the flow.".


  22. I don’t think Stanley doesn’t notice, he’s just so done he doesn’t care anymore lol

  23. Why the paper airplane competition is not added here?

  24. Michael is…strangely sensible in this one

  25. Just noticed you can see the boom mic at the top of the screen at 0:05

  26. XPANSION GAME!!! spending alot of time on your PC??? XPANSION GAME your MONEY ENGINE!!!! get it EARLEY!!!!! WIN

  27. "Creed is eating an apple, I found a potato" God Toby is comedy gold sometimes 😂 like he's so plainly funny I love it 😂😂

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