BEST OF: Skateboarding | X Games Minneapolis 2019 -

BEST OF: Skateboarding | X Games Minneapolis 2019

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Check out the best of skateboarding from X Games Minneapolis 2019, featuring Skateboard Big Air, Skateboard Street, Skateboard Street Best Trick, Skateboard Park, Adaptive Skate Park and Skateboard Vert.


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  1. i can't skateboard, i don't even like skateboard, but here i'm enjoying this vid

  2. I’m not being sarcastic when I say this. What in the world is going on here. This is on a new level of crazy.

  3. Since when does Aaron Paul commentate for xgames?

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  5. Who else got really annoying when people call 540s back fives or front 5s

  6. 46yo dudes narrating, dropping BRO bombs. Brutal!

  7. I wonder in the park and street disciplines, if they plan it all exactly out beforehand or do they make it up as they go? Or do they have a rough idea and make adjustments when necessary? Im kinda new to skateboarding sorry

  8. Vert has always been what I like but the new park category format is by far my favorite now.
    Jimmy Wilkins, Cory Juneau, Shane O'neill, and Mark Suciu are my favorite skateboarders.

  9. This is insane. To have this much controll over something you were not supposed to have by nature. Humans are truly incredible…

  10. people expecting skaters to commentate like they commentate golf, ofc they are going to say bro a lot.

  11. When I watch snowboarding etc the tricks are super impressive, triple backflip 1440… this is like 360 grind lol. Looks so easy in comparison

  12. I didn't know they still had the extreme games. Glad to see that. Do I need cable to watch this stuff?

  13. when he lands the 1260 the announcer sounded like the frycook olympics announcer from spongebob 2:02

  14. Not judged fairly at all, especially the street.

  15. I think they should all get honorable mention trophies for dropping in on the approach ramp for the mega.

  16. Me watching this after sk8 the infinity to see how realistic it is 👁️👄👁️

  17. Hows a dude gonna do a 1280 and not win? 1st ever

  18. That one announcer sounds like he's about to cook meth with Mr White

  19. Ich der sich nicht mal darunterfallen traut🤣

  20. I always wanted to learn how to skateboard but the only facility nearby with ramps was crawling with older kids that never let anyone on it.

  21. I'm sorry, the 10260 didn't win the gold medal? Wasn't that something that had never been done before? How do you not automatically give a gold medal to someone who breaks the history book like that? That's mental

  22. Tony Hawk lands a 900: 🤪😲😵🥴🤓🤩!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mitchie Brusco lands a 1260: 😒

  23. Mitchie deserved that win, I mean it's the first 1260 in existence!

  24. The fact that he didn’t get gold with that 1260 is a joke

  25. Dang x games sets up a cement street park just to tear down in the end ?

  26. gui lands a 900 here, little did they know hes gonna get a 1080 2 years later

  27. Who's here after the olympics to see real commentators doing there job like bosses? 🙂

  28. and now that yuta guy had just won olympic gold medals

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