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Need a refresher on four days of snowboarding action from X Games Aspen 2020? From Big Air to Pipe to Rail Jam to Knuckle Huck, it’s all covered in this highlight reel. What’s your favorite snowboarding discipline at X Games? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. I'm playing Steep right now And the knuckle Huck is what I'm doing from now on.

  2. That knuckle huck is the most entertaining sports event Ive ever seen

  3. What I love about snowboarding is that people go beyond what you can do in the videogames

  4. At this rate, we'll be pulling off SSX Tricky styles for sport in 5 years or less.

  5. Knuckle Huck… I'm a casual fan and that ish was insane!!!!! I wish I could board but I suck on a skateboard hahaha so I just seem to equivalate it to a snowboard. Gotta try it sometime.

  6. I have lost my mind watching the moves towards the end.


  8. The cool thing is I got to board with zeb Powell before he was famous

  9. Freakin awesome so stoked about 2021 xgames bro💯

  10. Snowboarding has progressed so far beyond my wildest dreams.

  11. Snowboarding is so cool man ever since I played ssx i always wanted to try n but then I just got into skateboarding cuz it was more attainable

  12. Knuckle Huck ist meega, hieß bei uns früher: kimm wir hupfn jetzad über den Buckl drüaba

  13. hoit wenn ma sich ned traut hatt über´d Schanzn zu springa 🙂

  14. He just..used a human as a rail…bruhhh that was so sick

  15. последние 2 минуты это вообще дичь. хочу еще

  16. Ohw maw gaw oh ma gaw he on xgames mode

  17. Hey guys I’m a new YouTuber just tryna get some traction, would mean the world for y’all to come check me out!

  18. What I love about snow/skate boarding is there are no rules. That pole jam with 2 riders was SICK and I'm not even a snowboarder I'm a skater. If it was a real pole it wouldnt have been as cool. So rad.

  19. I love the tricks where it looks like they fall but it's just a lead in to some insane maneuver

  20. I would love of someone could figure out hot to detach and reattach the board to their boots mid air. Image finger flips in best trick.

  21. me da envidia estas personas porque si estan disfrutando la vida al practicar este increible deporte

  22. snowboarding changed my life and thank god for it. battled through years of depression and I'm not sure where I would be today if I didnt have that 4 hrs of mental escape

  23. Best halfpipe event format, pitty it is no longer in place

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