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Best Of Xbox Game Pass… Don’t Miss These

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There’s so many games on Game Pass it can be a little overwhelming. Add Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play to the mix, and the sea of games to play gets a lot bigger. It can be hard to narrow down what to play first, so we put together a list showcasing some of the best games to play right now on Xbox Game Pass.

If you’re in the mood for something scary to match the Halloween season, there’s plenty of horror games on offer like the PT inspired Visage, or the Left 4 Dead spiritual successor Back 4 Blood. But if horror isn’t your bag, there’s more charming and heartfelt games like The Good Life or Psychonauts 2. There’s even classics like Myst, or the highly meditative Tetris Effect: Connected. Suffice to say, you have options.

The library is ever-growing, so this list is only a snapshot of the 100+ games Game Pass has. For our other list on great games to consider playing, check out this video:

Best Horror Games To Play Right Now:

00:00 – Intro
00:30 – Visage
01:20 – Resident Evil 7
02:00 – Back 4 Blood
02:53 – The Good Life
03:40 – Psychonauts 2
04:10 – The Forgotten City
04:55 – Myst
05:51 – Tetris Effect: Connected
06:20 – Hades
06:50 – Microsoft Flight Simulator
07:11 – Outro

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  1. Psychonuts 2 , Scarlet Nexus, back for blood and Marvel Avengers right now( November : Forza 5 and GTA San Andres). Thank you Xbox Gamepass

  2. GTA San Andreas Remastered is also coming to Game Pass on November 11th. And Forza Horizon 5 on the 8th.

  3. Back 4 blood doesn't reward you for playing solo. Fuck that.

  4. Anyone want to know what’s great about sea of thieves

  5. If you like story based games and survival games, The Long Dark is one id recommended to anyone

  6. Sometimes I wish I have all the time in the world to play every game in my backlog before I die. But that’s not possiblr

  7. All those games already play it on my Playstation/pc so nothing hold by this gametrash. And mayority already have it on physical copy so.

  8. Take advantage of the EA play games also, Mass Effect 2 is a GOD tier game.

  9. Gamepass is the most anti consumer service to come into existence its the definition of anti consumer as it takes all say from the consumer, it's the difference between games being made to appeal to you , to games being made to appeal to Microsoft

    Anyone who thinks gamepass is pro consumer you sound like a moron

  10. I am enjoying Psychonauts 2, but my game is not getting saved at all 🙁

  11. This ad is really long. Is this really what objective gaming journalism has become? Seems more like a marketing satellite for Microsoft (this week) which is incredibly trashy. Wake up gamers or its going to get worse.

  12. If the games on gamepass in 1st place the devs is saying their games not worth 60$

  13. best of gamepass and Back for blood in the same sentence? lmao

  14. Alright alright Ima go get a series s from target lol

  15. RIP Mac Miller, you helped me with a lot says:

    I would NOT recommend Back 4 Blood for solo players. There is no progression, no achievements, no stat tracking, etc. F that game. Try Zombie Army 4 instead.

  16. Ok but when is gta v coming back to game pass?

  17. Just got my Xbox 5 days ago, this was perfectly timed for me, I didn't know were to start

  18. Hi I’m new to all this if I get game pass will I get the new battlefield? Like will I have to pay for battlefield if I’ve got game pass? Thanks in advance

  19. I’d rather buy the games I want to play. It’s comforting to know they’ll ALWAYS be in my library. With Game Pass, you can sign up to play a 3rd party game, and it leaves the service shortly after. Xbox fanboys have done a good job hiding the truth about the service. None of those games stay there unless they’re 1st party. All the 3rd party games leave shortly after.

  20. Cant Wait for Forza 5 and Halo Infinite😀😀😀😀

  21. I have literally never seen a video hosted by this guy before, but he reminds me of Dr. Steve Brule in a good way…

  22. Is there an actual difference between pass for pc against ultimate for pc only comparison isn't DLC inclusive version only unlocked for ultimate pass member or standard pass also gets all edition

  23. Resident Evil 7 is permanently in the PlayStation Plus Collection when you buy a PS5, and tons of other games too. RE7 will leave Game Pass shortly.

  24. Back 4 Blood was so disappointing. Game Pass is definitely better than what Playstation is offering. But I can't put down Ghost of Tsushima, Deathloop, and Days Gone long enough to really ever play on Xbox. And when the new Horizon Dawn releases in February… just about everyone will be on Playstation.

  25. Iv download too many games I don’t know what to play ❤️

  26. Single players work great, but multiplayer games crash constantly on game pass PC. This is true for all my friends with game pass aswell.

  27. Back 4 Blood is bugged on game pass u cant connect to an online lobby in the game pass version they kick u out immediately .

  28. Picking up the Halo series x on Monday! Haven’t owned an Xbox in almost 10 years, and I’m overwhelmed in the best way possible.

  29. At the end theres a girl wearing like a koala hood what game is that from?

  30. fun fact : skyrim has a mod based on the forgotten city

  31. I dont understand why people would spend money on XBGP or PSN now its literally a subscriptions to rent games.

  32. If I get the game pass and download a game would I still be able to keep the game if I cancel the subscription after the month???

  33. I’ve had xbox since the original most of my friends switched to PS (because Sony know how to brainwash into making people believe PS is better) but I stayed and I’m so fcking glad I did and that xbox made the game pass, love it one of the best things introduced in gaming ever. 👊🏽

  34. I'm new to Gamepass, if a game leaves Gamepass but you still have it downloaded can you still play it?

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