Best old PC games of 2000's, part 1 -

Best old PC games of 2000’s, part 1

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2nd part:
Best old PC games of 2000s. Part 1:

Vampire: The Masquerade – Redemption, 2000
Baldur’s Gate 2, 2000
Deus Ex, 2000
Counter strike 1.6, 2000
Max Payne, 2001
Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura, 2001
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, 2002
Gothic 2, 2002
Warcraft 3, 2002
BloodRayne, 2002
Dungeon Siege, 2002
Enclave, 2003
Delta Force: Black Hawk Down, 2003


  1. me: watching part 1
    yotuube logic: lemme recommend you part 3
    -_- yo.. where's part 2

  2. You put Baldur's Gate II, but the captures are from Baldur's Gate the original game.

  3. Why don't you speak about each game and say explain something useful about what makes these games the best of the era? Just showing short clips of the games themselves with no added information or explanation seems pointless to me.

  4. I'm not saying modern games are bad, because they aren't… but what the hell happened to atmosphere, games from the 2000's were so atmospheric, and nowdays even fantastic games don't feel atmospheric at all.

  5. That is Baldur's Gate 1. The best in my opinion, love the start of the epic adventure, when you have nothing and need to survive with few things.

  6. Soon as I saw VTMR I instantly gave it a like xD

  7. This was the time when 3D graphics began to look good enough that people didn't notice that they were made of polygons, unlike the 3D games from previous years these games aged well.

  8. Damn I only got to play CS, Max Payne and Bloodrayne, I missed soo many.

  9. During this period in time, I prefer playing RTS games like Warcraft 3, Command and Conquer series like Red Alert 2, Generals, Tiberian series, etc., Dune 2000 and many others.
    edit: Oh! I forgot about Starcraft.

  10. the summoner was a very good and underrated game IMO from the 2000s

  11. aah..rainy days in Seyda Neen, very soothing atmosphere..

  12. started with vtmr <3 automatic like and comment!

  13. no vampire masquerade bloodline? That game IS one helluva symbol for role play games with stories as deep as sea and limitless replayability.
    But I can't agree more with u putting WC3 and Dungeon siege in this list.

  14. Dungeon Siege was a fun game, it lacked a bit on the story telling but in terms of an adventure game, it was really good. It was also the first game I've played on that time whose loading screen wasn't obvious. When you go to another area, there would always be a loading screen that pauses the action, this game didn't… you just proceed to that next game. Even AA titles back then had loading screen.

  15. Enclave really was an excellent game.
    I would appreciate a remake.

  16. Max Payne 1-2 is one of the best games of all time! For me 😀

  17. My geforce2 mx400 was blowing these games out of the water 😀

  18. It wasnt called CS 1.6 in year 2000. It was a beta version or 1.0

  19. Juegos que sentaron las bases para los juegos que disfrutamos en las décadas siguientes.

  20. The second game (Baldur's Gate 2) the footage is from Baldur's Gate 1. thought I was losing my mind watching this

  21. 0:59 if someone will play this game, this is the challenge: "solo necromancer", 😀

  22. I really had no clue how good I've had it, back in 2000's…

  23. Sorry but, where is DAWN OF WAR ? game of the year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Dungeon Siege is looking like the WoW I want. Doesn't have to be online and no lolcow sub fees and cash shop items.

  25. How can the good people of Prague go about their business with so much evil abroad on the land?

  26. 저기 선생님. 맨처음에 나오는 미녀 두명 나오는 게임은 어디에 나오는 건가요? 그것이 알고 싶습니다.

  27. I tell ya, early 2000's really had many great games. But of course there was some bad ones, like Sonic 06 or Two Worlds as an example.

    Edit: Forgot to mention that the game at 0:56 is actually a Baldur's Gate 2 Tutu mod of Baldur's Gate 1.

  28. Scenes from Baldurs Gate 2 are from Baldurs Gate 1 in this vid.

  29. Как же я обожаю Dungeon Siege…

  30. mmm Arcanum remember soundtrack even today

  31. LOL! So nostalgic…remember overclocking my Pentium III to get dungeon siege to barely work – and then found a cheap 2nd hand Athlon XP 2200+ and upgraded motherboard to suit…was amazed with the 1280×1024 @50-60fps 😀 Good old days

  32. Great list, but I'd Battlefield 1942, Stronghold Crusader and Star Wars Galaxies 🙂

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