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Best PC Games Of ALL TIME

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Drumroll please, this video is about the best PC games OF ALL TIME!

It’s no secret that we here at Logitech G love pc gaming. We love discovering new indie gems, preparing ourselves for a big AAA release and celebrating old favorites, it’s why we’re here! And as much as we want to tell you that we love each and every pc game equally- like our own pixelated children that just isn’t the case. We could easily talk for hours about all the games that deserve a spot on our list of Best PC Games of all time, but through a vote we’ve managed to narrow it down to a mere twenty games that we feel are really special.

So in this video we’ll be taking you through the best PC games of all time:

Intro 00:00
20 Divinity Original Sin 2 01:08
19 HALO 2 01:36
18 Journey 02:05
17 Assassin’s Creed 2 02:22
16 League of Legends 02:47
15 CS:GO 03:09
14 Hitman 03:38
13 Quake 04:04
12 Bioshock 04:32
11 Grand Theft Auto 5 04:54
10 Minecraft 05:18
9 Red Dead Redemption 2 05:59
8 The Sims 06:31
7 Deus Ex 07:11
6 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 08:02
5 Stardew Valley 08:40
4 Mass Effect 2 09:17
3 Dragon Age Inquisition 09:54
2 Skyrim 10:33
1 Half Life 2 11:21
Outro 12:16

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  1. You forgot dark souls.

    my personal favorite game of all the is bloodborne

  2. Pretty damn good top pc games list. I have to say. Very diverse. Old and new. Impressive games. World changing games, literally. Can you imagine a world without Minecraft now…? No. And I knew it would change the world when I was playing I. Alpha testing. And friends that I had that hated gaming altogether, were OBSESSED with it.. I remember a certain day where me and my friends played Minecraft together at a McDonald’s on their WiFi for like 8 hours straight.

  3. Skyrim nowhere near to be called best game all the time. It's buggy, boring, bland, repetitive mess even with mods too. No story, exploration alone doesn't enough to fir me to play it. Dragon Age origin and witcher 3 are my favorite.

  4. Baldur's Gate 2. Awesome villian, many games have tried to replicate and have borrowed ideas from BG2, replay is high if you want to try new party combination/classes.

  5. A few of these spots are deserved. But skyrim over oblivion and inquisition over origins is absurd. No system shock? Age of empires 2? Any blizzard title from the 2000s?

  6. Mass Effect (Trilogy) is from far the best game of all time

  7. NOMAD on the zx spectrum should of been on here 🤪

  8. Imagine putting the Sims on this list💀

  9. List sucks, where is StarCraft, WarCraft, WoW…?

  10. my favorites:
    All of the fnaf games (especially 4 and 2)

  11. I wonder if any of these games will still be considered best in a hundred years. I think no

  12. why does the commentary sound like a freaking buzzfeed commercial lol

  13. l аm frоm Каzаkstаn - Tengrian not muslim. says:

    MASS EFFECT no doubt

  14. I know I'm WAY late but… the footage is of Divinity Original Sin 1, when you are supposed to be talking about Divinity Original Sin 2…

  15. Most of these games are not worth my time. I wonder who made these list. A child?

  16. me after seeing that minecraft is not at #1: i accuse you of treason against the grand army of the republic

  17. let's be honest, minecraft is literally the best game ever to have been made. period. not because it is some sort of mega quality triple A bethesda game, but because of how it raised us pc gamers from our childhoods, and still, 13 years later, is so god damn fun.

  18. We can always complain about games chosen as top 20, but the list is pretty good. I will add a few favorites of mine, I didn't play all the games ever 🙂

    Original Tetris – 26K text-mode game in 1984, I was blown away – simply excellent
    Doom – this game was a completely different league when it came out in 1993
    System Shock – Horror/Sci-Fi/Mystery in a great package in 1994
    Max Payne – Probably the only game I played to see the story, not skipping the story to play the game, 2001
    Minecraft – it is in the top 20, but I have to put it here, probably the most influential game of the 21st century, brilliant idea and clunky implementation :), 2009
    Unreal Tournament – hands down to Quake, but Unreal was the best Multi PLayer FPS of its time, playing it now over 20 years later is still super fun, 1999
    Thief: The Dark Project – I am biased on this one, great memories 🙂 1998
    Death Stranding – Loved by many, hated by even more, but this is what I think that games/movies of the future will look like. I like the idea and serenity of the game. 2019

  19. you see all those cool game characters then just 2 pixel minecraft steve

  20. There is many games but most iconic were Doom, Diablo 2 , Half Life, monkey island

  21. On what planet is Dragon Age Inquisition better than Mass Effect 2?

  22. No StarCraft or Diablo? Are you crazy 😀
    No FIFA? Not even Need for Speed?

    rookies lol, get out of there

  23. shows divinity 1's gameplay while talking about divinity 2

  24. Fallout New Vegas will always be my favorite pc experience it got me more into gaming than anything since Minecraft (ik fnv came out first just played mc before that)

  25. It feels amazing to see some love for Dragon Age.

  26. where is the funni hat game where there is a fat man

  27. nice 1k likes. i wonder how many dislikes? 10k?

  28. I disliked when I saw CS:GO on rank 15 xD

  29. good thing YT hides dislikes nowadays

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