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Best PC Games Of ALL TIME

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Drumroll please, this video is about the best PC games OF ALL TIME!

It’s no secret that we here at Logitech G love pc gaming. We love discovering new indie gems, preparing ourselves for a big AAA release and celebrating old favorites, it’s why we’re here! And as much as we want to tell you that we love each and every pc game equally- like our own pixelated children that just isn’t the case. We could easily talk for hours about all the games that deserve a spot on our list of Best PC Games of all time, but through a vote we’ve managed to narrow it down to a mere twenty games that we feel are really special.

So in this video we’ll be taking you through the best PC games of all time:

Intro 00:00
20 Divinity Original Sin 2 01:08
19 HALO 2 01:36
18 Journey 02:05
17 Assassin’s Creed 2 02:22
16 League of Legends 02:47
15 CS:GO 03:09
14 Hitman 03:38
13 Quake 04:04
12 Bioshock 04:32
11 Grand Theft Auto 5 04:54
10 Minecraft 05:18
9 Red Dead Redemption 2 05:59
8 The Sims 06:31
7 Deus Ex 07:11
6 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 08:02
5 Stardew Valley 08:40
4 Mass Effect 2 09:17
3 Dragon Age Inquisition 09:54
2 Skyrim 10:33
1 Half Life 2 11:21
Outro 12:16

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  1. Thanks Maddie, next please make a video on best indie games of all time. 😌😉

  2. I'd say Dragon Age Origins deserved the be here more than DA:I but overall a good list for sure.

  3. Please correct the video title to something like "Best PC Shooters—with a nod at RPG—Of ALL TIME".
    Not one RTS, the genre which dominated a decade;
    Not one 4X;
    Not one Puzzle;
    Not one Turn-based;
    Not one Sports;
    Not one Fighter;
    Not one Casual;
    Not one Platform.

  4. My favorite game is Jurassic World Evolution, Planet Zoo and Planet Coaster

  5. This is stupid, almost all of them are on consoles

  6. Kingdom Come Deliverance should be on this list alongside Escape from Tarkov and an RTS like AoE2 or StarCraft 2 and many more.

  7. No blizzard games? Interesting.. confused but interesting

  8. The games with the best graphics are usually the worst in most cases. Most nice graphics come with bad game plays because certain developers focus their attention too much on the graphics without an interesting game play. A game is suppose to be something that you really enjoy and keeps you addicted so that you continue to play it more often than other games.

    Of all the thousands of games that I have ever played, the game I have enjoyed the most is:

    Battlefield 2 multiplayer

    Followed by the classic Delta Force 2 by Novalogic

    I don't often rate games based on graphics except if they are racing games

  9. Skyrim is great. One of the most replay-able games of all time without mods, add in mods and you could spend days and days of your life in that snowy province of Tamriel (or many other locations if you mod it)

  10. pc games man rdr2 is more console game then pc game

  11. minecraft and sims above gta v… ok what you guys smokin???? more like top games for house wives

  12. No RTS or even point click adventure games? The best PC list should be limited to games that are exclusive on the PC or games that made huge impact via the PC. Games like Max Payne, Starcraft, Alpha Centauri, Grim Fandango, Planescape, Diablo, etc. Halo is an Xbox product, why even put it on the list when there are so many PC exclusive titles.

  13. bruh how come dota 2 is not part of the list when in fact it should be number 1?
    first ever in esports history to reach 1m usd in price pool and biggest price pool in esports history yearly.
    such disrespect smh

  14. Her voice is similar to Sophie Turner, or even Lili Reinhardt

  15. Bdw minecraft is an inde game beacuse it starter by beeing made by just one person"noch"

  16. The fact that they put The Sims and Stardew Valley above something like red dead redemption 2

  17. Age of empires 2, Commandos: behind the enemy lines, baldur's gate, dark souls… But no, Stardew Valley is top 5.

  18. Really? Sims gets a better rating than rdr2? You have to be pulling my nuts here…

  19. Minecraft is the BEST SELLING EVER it has the MOST PLAYERS the GAME is always on the peak of YouTube and also the peak of gaming

  20. My top 3 best games of all time –
    3. Far cry 3 / Assassins Creed 2
    2. GTA 5
    1. GTA San Andreas
    ( i have not played RDR2 yet , i think only rockstar can beat rockstar )

  21. Thats divinity 1, not divinity 2 you goddamn peasants.

  22. Playing Half life 2 back then was truly an interesting experience, great developers.

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