Best Plays From The Brooklyn Nets 11 Game Win Streak 🔥 -

Best Plays From The Brooklyn Nets 11 Game Win Streak 🔥

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  1. They counted us out now they fear us… Up the nets

  2. (Camille)_ vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ! says:

    Lets go NETS

  3. Kyrie hit em with the smoking guns in the holster haha love it

  4. This is beautiful basketball people. Let's appreciate it.

  5. Lets Go nets the 2023 NBA champion is Brooklyn nets

  6. This is beautiful basketball people. Let's appreciate it.

  7. Durant calling time out for cavs was super funny

  8. Olivia_Like_tnis_cmt4s_ex_Link in About section says:

    Lets go NETS

  9. This is beautiful basketball people. Let's appreciate it.

  10. I knew from the beginning. The trade was better for the nets. Cuz they needed defense and a great passer, and any coach other the Nash to get going. This is the best Nets team even when Harden was here. They have shooters, all kinds of bucket getters. This team is really deep. Even Thomas can get you 30+ whenever he’s laced up. Scary

  11. if nets gets anther solid backup center then its over

  12. At least the NBA YouTube channel is showing us some love because ESPN totally forgot about us once we started winning

  13. Aome people (Media, Critics) thatthe Nets rosterwas a Bum, a disaster. It only takesone Coach to tix all those Dramas and other than that, this team was able to realise that they were so DEEP in twrms of players. They've rejuvenate their SPIRITS and become so resilient that in a matterof weeks, they might be the top seed in the EAST. They need a Back upcenterto solidify their inside presence. If they can get one, it will be a heavyweight Match between Bucks or Celtics in Conference Finals.

  14. Love seeing Royce O'Neale thrive after being traded from the Jazz. Wish we kept him but for some reason we "needed" to get that trade 😩

  15. If Dallas or Milwaukee was on an 11 game streak I'd be seeing it on espn and nba tv literally right now

  16. Let’s go Ben, Kyrie, and KD! We on that Brooklyn bullshit

  17. Everyone is playing like super stars in their roles

  18. Y’all Nets haters quiet as church mice now huh 😵

  19. happy for the Nets. haters are incredibly quiet rn. waiting for them to fail.

  20. You know what’s crazy…this isn’t even our final form yet.
    TJ, Harris, Curry, Simmons and Yuta aren’t 100% back from their injuries yet. 💀💀

  21. Thumbnail is crazy Durant just tell your barber to just spray some hair filling on the ball spot you got money sheesh 😂💯

  22. Wins is wins congrats and they beat some decent teams like Cavs, Toronto but I need to see Philly, Pelicans, Celtics

  23. Somebody go tell ESPN and fox sports . They seem to only talk about the nets when they losing now they winning they all been quiet for 2 weeks

  24. One day KD is going to pass lebron I points at like 41 years old

  25. What impresses me is the composer to execute down the stretch even when down. This team is looking scary good, playing with a chip on their shoulder.

  26. Ben Simmons ROTY this season 😂🤣🤣

  27. It’s up to the Spurs or Bulls to stop them 🤜🏼

  28. Brooklyn be 😭 "gangbanging" the nba right now 😷😡. This historical mix was put together very well! I Respect! It , needs to be on loop , it's like listening to Beethoven . This is extremely enjoyable to watch!
    Brooklyn nets are playing the most important , intelligent offense & defense reported on this year so far .
    They're the Best Team in the nba! These bad boys are putting up
    Alien "streek" numbers 11-12 😤
    Keep going "nets if you win this championship you deserve it! Simply because you've almost earned it . Keep pushing it , your Fans love it !
    "Hard work pays off."😤

  29. Ben Simmons starts to play like the role of Draymond Green in the team, tho Ben is more like a perimeter defender, he still can exert his defensive presence against whatever positions, plus, he moves the ball fast, creates space, and does lots of pick n hand to hand play which is super effective when ur team has a bunch of good shooters

  30. The whole team is contributing beautifully. Go Nets

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