Best PS5 Games To Play Right Now In 2021 -

Best PS5 Games To Play Right Now In 2021

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Best PS5 Games To Play Right Now In 2021
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I give you my top 10 PS5 games to play right now in 2021!
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-List of Games-

0:00 – Intro
0:11 – Control Ultimate Edition
1:38 – Oddworld Soulstorm
2:49 – Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate
3:55 – Immortals Fenyx Rising
4:59 – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
6:07 – Call Of Duty Black Ops: Cold War
7:05 – Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition
8:17 – Maneater
9:35 – Spider-Man: Miles Morales
10:43 – Demon’s Souls

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  1. My question is, if platinumed Maneater on ps4, do I have new trophy list for ps5?

  2. I feel bad for having assasin creed valhalla seal for 3 months lol I just kept it seal until I was ready to play now I'm playing it

  3. First time finding this channel and wow.. I was entertained the entire time and was sad it was over. Keep it up! Just got a new subscriber 👍

  4. I feel like ps4 has far better games to offer

  5. How the fuck did you not know JAWS unleashed was a game. Thats literally all this game looks like. Jaws unleashed.

  6. U must be joking. There is not 1 close tp good game in your whole list

  7. Returnal and demons souls best games right now period

  8. Immortals fynx is good but wow it's way to easy. Gotta put on hardcore

  9. Bought a PS5 from a scalper and now I can’t even afford to buy games for it lmao

  10. PS5 has been out what, 6 months now ? Where’s the games ?! Not ps4 remakes or special editions ; but the blockbuster games taking advantage of new hardware?

  11. I don’t have a lot of time to play games says the guy that plays every game and has a channel about playing games

  12. You still upload I remember watching you at 2015 in my old acc I found a comment of you in a vid and came here

  13. Ac Valhalla is garbage. One of the most boring games I've ever played.

  14. There really aren't many PS5 games. I'm going to have to buy my brother a Nintendo game.

  15. You should do a video of ps vita called which multiplayer games are still active for 2021

  16. I won't even consider getting a PS5 until they release God of War II or a new GTA.

  17. Yo man I’m pretty sure mk Armageddon had the biggest roster to date

  18. I'll stick with my xbox360, 4 games for £8 and graphics on games like Crysis2 are still superb.

  19. painful to watch him take so many fireballs from the spider boss lmao

  20. 10:35 "I don't have much time to play games" You do realise this statement doesn't give you a good impression for a guy making videos about videogames. It just lessens your credibility.

  21. There is no point in me watching this I will never own one lol

  22. I recommend control. As soon as you levitate ability its fun af.

  23. need sum new played everything but cold war n demon souls

  24. 1. Whoever notices ray tracing lol. 2. Demon Souls SUCKS. U go so far ONLY to get killed and have to start all over again. Smh

  25. Keep these videos up please. Very informative! Helps me decide every time.

  26. Your game capture is excellent! What do you use to capture? What editing software do you use?

  27. Bro they need to make more games for ps5 nobody wants to play hotwheels or ratchet and clank😐😐

  28. Immortals fenyx rising looks like a Roblox game lol

  29. Sad that most of these are last gen games… next gen was dead on arrival

  30. Demon's souls, best looking game and best remake of all Time.

  31. I actually feel bad about buying Spider-Man for PS4 and beating it within a week. Had I known I would manage to snag a PS5, I would’ve waited.

  32. Man eater is like the Jaws game we've all been waiting for..

  33. So this is the best out right now huh? 7 out of the 10 games have ps3 graphics. Are we supposed to be hyped over this? I dont see anything coming out in the next 10 months worth buying. Lets shell out $70 per game and several hundred dollars for the system so we can get "faster loading times"

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