Best Selling Video Games 1979 - 2020 -

Best Selling Video Games 1979 – 2020

Captain Gizmo
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This data visualization video shows the best selling video games since 1979. It includes all their ports for newer systems such as for Super Mario Bros for the Wii, Wii U, etc. It does not include Free-to-Play video games, I will include those in a different video.

For top selling I selected those with 1 million in sales units for the first few years, then those with 5 million in sales for the next few years, then 10 million, etc. This was to avoid crowding the chart and to avoid adding games that don’t even peek out for a single year.

These stats come from Wikipedia, articles and from Google Books searches. Some of the data includes approximate numbers as the data available skipped years.

In the video I included quick clips of how the games looked.


  1. Tetris is still somewhere in 84, looking at minecraft: finally a worthy opponent!

  2. 複数のプラットフォームでリリースしているMinecraftやTETRISはもちろんたくさん売れましたが、どれかのハードウェアでしか遊べないWiiSPORTSやMarioCART、MarioBROTHERSは本当にすごいと思います!

  3. Re-release tetras so it can be number 1 again

  4. How about cod mobile, league of legends, Mobile legends, pubg new state, etc

  5. Sonic the hedgehog: comes out
    Tetris: oh god I gotta make my selling faster than the speed of sound! makes 3 mil sells in a second

  6. Skyrim was released originally in 2011

    Millions of rereleases later it shows up in 2017

  7. GTA V: "I'm commin for that booty Tetris"
    Minecraft: "Oh you think so huh?"

  8. Omg, mincraft with that last minute headlock on Terris. Lol

    Seriously props to tetris for staying number one for so long. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Tetris went straight back up to number 1 again though. They've stayed relevant forever, and I don't think that's ever going stop.

    On a side note, I'm REALLY surprised that Final Fantasy(specifically FF7) didn't make it anywhere on this list. I find that very hard to believe. That game was insanely popular.

  9. Tetris:
    – I am inevitable.
    – I… am… Minecraft.

  10. квадратный Пельмень says:

    where is doom? its release at 1993?!?

  11. Minecraft it's my life!!!!! MINECRAAAAAAAFT!!!

  12. Tetris was holding off everything and the Minecraft just absolutely flew up in popularity, I’m addicted to these videos 😂

  13. I'm surprised that Megaman never enters the chart. I thought it was more popular than Sonic silly me

  14. Rdcworld1 was right pacman is doing better than street fighter

  15. Kinda surprised Melee or Brawl wasn’t on here

  16. No Counter strike? Its a world wide phenom in the span of late 1990's and late 2000's

  17. Me waiting call of duty to pass them all:🙂

  18. This chart isn't realistic at all, it keeps many versions and re releases of a game

  19. lol@the bundled games… duck hunt wouldn't be up there if it wasn't included in the SMB cartridge… and most of those SMB/Duckhunt cartridges were included with NES… i never heard anyone saying "oh i wanna go buy Duck Hunt!"

  20. where's solitare/minesweeper? if you wanna included bundled games, might as well include these

  21. NO NO NO MARI KART 8 is on the wii u and it has 14 mio sales WTF THATS WRONG

  22. One soul, one heart, one love – Tetris forever!!!

  23. Where are CS , Doom, Wolfenstein, Half-life, Warcraft/WoW, Dota 2, LoL, World of tanks? I do not believe that wii games can be so popular as to overtake anything on this list

  24. If you count all of the not technically official tetris games but also not rip offs then tetris is still ahead of mc

  25. Where is the Call of duty mobile???!!!

  26. I thought pubg was dead. The only game I hear about is Fortnite. Not even on the list. And think about this. Mario isn't nearly as popular in 3d after all. Despite it feeling that way. And it's weird how much Sims 1 sold when 2 was far more popular to everyone I know. And yet 2 never made it on the list even in 2006. The fact Dragon Quest was the only JRPG to ever get on it and people saying it's the worst one, shocked me greatly. And Donkey Kong never DK Country. Wow

    And wtf is Lemmings??

    Does used games count?

  27. Ok hear me out, how did fortnite have less then 31 million players. It had over 70 million players worldwide in 2019 I’m pretty sure.

  28. Top 3-4 games says a lot about the game community. Ya don’t know what good games are. Tetris’s??? Gta?? Fuck no

  29. I'm surprised games like New Vegas and FO3 didn't make it

  30. Eu não entendi direito, o cálculo do tetris é só com um jogo com diferentes portes ou com todos os tipos de tetris? Eu vi em uma entrevista a muito tempo atrás que tetris era o mais vendido, porém somando todos os tipos de jogos do tetris. Se for assim não é justo.

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