Best Single Player Games To Play On PC In 2020 -

Best Single Player Games To Play On PC In 2020

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If you want to explore some new horizons now is your chance, as this video is all about the best single player games to play on PC in 2020.

We have talked a lot about how great playing games with friends is. The social benefits, the fun of co-ops, but there comes a time when you want to head off alone. And that’s okay! Especially because 2020 has been such a great year for single player experiences. From robo dinos in snowy forests, to Viking fun across the whole of England, there is something for every kind of solo adventurer.

So, here is our list of the best single player games to play on PC in 2020:

Intro 00:00
1 Hades 00:53
2 Baldur’s Gate III 01:49
3 Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 02:43
4 Doom Eternal 03:44
5 Horizon Zero Dawn 04:41
6 Yakuza: Like A Dragon 05:42
7 Microsoft Flight Simulator 06:36
8 Half-Life Alyx 07:34
9 Watch Dogs: Legion 08:30
10 Cyberpunk 2077 09:30
Outro 10:29

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  1. with hindsight being 20/20 and all, you could have left it off…

  2. Do you play this games, rally thay are all boring games

  3. i playd horizon dawn its so GOOD game recommend for everyone

  4. I have been avoiding Horizon because I keep popping into the steam forums and people complain a lot about crashes and bugs. Is it that bad? I would hate to buy a game which at this time it's half off and miss out but would also hate to buy it and I fall into the same trap. 10700k, 3070RTX, 16DDR4.

  5. Didn't like any of them. There must be something wrong with me.

  6. Shoot… Destroy… Kill. Yeah. Only problem is the kids want to do this for real…. and they do in the U.S.

  7. hey forget about the games. who's the narrator? I want her name

  8. Literally don't know the meaning of the word "literally".

  9. I stoped the video after i noticed RDR2 is not on the list

  10. Horizon zero dawn felt like a PG-13 witcher tbh. If you already played witcher you might not like it as much.

  11. horizon is so trash i unistalled it after 2 hours

  12. My pc be like: Don't even think ab it…

  13. Horizon is a bullshit game : we are in 2021 and yoh need to save at a fire camp! Come on man!

  14. Still waiting for nfs Underground 2 remastered :'(

  15. Cyberpunk 2077… that didn't age well.

  16. Assasins Creed + Watch Dog: Legion is something i can recommend.
    Spent around 75 hours so far in AC.
    Around 30h on Watch Dog.
    Non of them are compleated yet (ive been roaming around alot ok).

  17. Soooo why is a logitech channel using controller footage… horizon sure but doom?

  18. Why cyberpunk is on the list?
    Youtuber : Hype

  19. 10 “that one didn’t age quite so well” jontron

  20. excuse me? fans of the brotherhood have been klomering for a viking game? What?


  21. Don't forget that you guys still had GTA San Andreas in your PC

  22. I Think You Can't Explore Cyberpunk…😆

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