Best Steam Deck features to try! -

Best Steam Deck features to try!

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Here are the best Steam Deck features to try! Subscribe if you are new!

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Sound Hardware:

Shure SM7B :
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Godex Lighting Kit :
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Elgato Key Light :
Venue Lighting Strips:

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Camera Slider:

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Logitech G Pro Mouse :
Astro A50 Headset :


  1. Bro how can you call these settings unknown dude they are like the most known things about the deck like my dude mentioned cloud saves

  2. Oh man i wanna play Starship troopers on the deck.

  3. There is a lot games that switch cant play it even if you jailbreak it, you cant play gtaV on a switch thats a little sample even god of war, if you buy switch yeah its cheap but you need a cartridge to play 1 game 😅

    more cartridge bought, you will be notice oh god i spent too much money that can bought a brand new SD with a 1tb ssd, same price with the switch with a lot of cartridge but you only sees is MARIO 😂

    Steam deck is much better than switch no doubt of that,

    the only i want on the switch is the detachable joy-con, you can replace it right on the spot when its broken, SD joystick broke then you need to go to technician much hussle than to buy a joy-con in online market, its much easier to replace your joycon when youre not comfortable with it.

  4. You have that YOUTUBE voice down pack my boy.

  5. You would have to be actually retarded to not know any of these as a Steam Deck owner.

  6. You didn’t show Cloud save feature and how to do it!

  7. Buttons don't move so you're now exactly using switch layout.

  8. mines honestly been collecting dust, I dont game on the go and would rather just sit at my desktop.

  9. The roght trackpad sticker (or skin) is not even close to the middle.

  10. I wish steam games were released physical and the steam deck would play them

  11. Gotta grab one ASAP & the oled switch too

  12. We need a PlayStation control layout bad or is there any global mod for it?

  13. The 3 people who didn't know about any of these features will love this video.

  14. What game i can play in steam deck? Actually I'm new

  15. I finally plugged my Steam Deck into a Docking Station and was using it on a 32' Monitor like a PC. I plugged in the usb doggle for my Wireless keyboard and mouse and was trying out the Desktop mode. Installed Goggle Chrome and it really is amazing being able to use like a PC. Then I played some Age of Empire 2 and it felt like a blast from the past. I ❤ My Steam Deck.sitting next to my Nintendo Switch OLED 😉👌

  16. I swear Nintendo games have the weirdest button layouts. If you're mainly an Xbox/PlayStation player switching over feels like a chore.

  17. dude i know about the steam cloud thing and its amazing, i just close the game on my deck wait for it to say its up to date and launch it on my pc and bam its all there, thanks for the other tips tho man.

  18. Most basic things on the planet. Good job

  19. I wish someone make a mod that replace the 4 buttons with small screen that can show different buttons layout already

  20. Sabes done venden steam dek en🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷

  21. Wish they could make another HANDHELD CONSOLE which is more on screen ratio of 90% and not todays handheld consoles with more bessels on its side.. Not good..

  22. Thank you for the button layout. I switched with Nintendo layout

  23. man all but one should be basic knowledge but you gotta make content somehow

  24. How can you download aldering and old games?

  25. Just ordered the new Oled Steam deck today, now for the treacherous wait until it shows up.

  26. I'm pretty sure all steam deck users know at least the last 2

  27. Bruh who uses the analog stick to navigate the UI 🤣🤣 tf use the dpad lollll

  28. Any windows handheld has access to cloud saves.
    Any windows handheld allows you to map keys any way you want
    Any windows handheld allows you to mode your games and use ANY SOFTWARE in the world
    Any windows hendheld doubles the performance of a SD, good luck playing 29fps elden ring while my Legion GO goes 60-70 easily.

    Oh and you know that you can manually ADD fsr or dlss to those games that dont have it, giving you like 70-90fps in sons of the forrest while Steamdeck barely gives you 20?

    This video is a joke

  29. I'll stick to jailbreaking consoles, 9yr olds subscribe to steam😂

  30. Here’s what I wanna know, how do we turn off anti-cheat so we can play games we want to play like Destiny 2 or Madden? 😅

  31. Just got a steam deck, first comment from every family member “why is it so big?”

  32. Can I mod the shiet out of it like my pc🧍🏿‍♂️🧍🏿‍♂️🧍🏿‍♂️

  33. VISA VERSA kinda pissed me off im not gonna lie💀

  34. Elden ring at 40fps and 83c with 70% battery and a 1 hour projected life would drive me crazy, I get antsy when I hear the fans running hard

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