Best UNREAL ENGINE 5 Games with INSANE GRAPHICS coming out in 2022 and 2023 -

Best UNREAL ENGINE 5 Games with INSANE GRAPHICS coming out in 2022 and 2023

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Take a look at the BEST UNREAL ENGINE 5 games with INSANE GRAPHICS that are currently being developed in Unreal Engine 5 and Unreal Engine 4 and will come out in 2022 or 2023.

00:00 UNANNOUNCED PROJECT: The Nhaga Eater
02:39 Project E
05:10 Shadow of Conspiracy – Section 2
11:25 Project M
14:09 CACCIA (Tech Demo)
16:52 Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II
22:52 Off The Grid
26:34 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 : Heart of Chornobyl
31:30 Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

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  1. WOW! so much more realistic! all we wanted is to play Chrono Trigger, Parasite Eve, Legend of Legaia, The Legend of Dragoon, and Dino Crisis Remakes! all their Unreal Engine 5 into PS5! we play our childhood!

  2. Only S.T.A.L.K.E.R is good game rest is junk

  3. Oh lawdy dawdy…another "Senna's stupidity"……urgh.

  4. If there is one thing we gamers have learned through the years, is to Never trust trailers until actual gaming footage is shown.

  5. Project E and Project M definitely got my attention. Very interesting.

  6. The nhaga eater eats Nhaga because of revenge. A long time ago Nhagas betrayed him , killed his wife and ate her. So He also kills Nhaga and eats them.

  7. What's prevent a game to look like CGI? There is no way to make a 'playable CGI'? It's sad that no matter what, game engines always looks 10x worse than CGI

  8. Excited for Nhaga Eater, CACCIA, and Stalker 2; Especially Stalker 2. It look's incredible.

  9. Shadow of conspiracy camera pov is just absolutely abhorrent, it's so bad

  10. Shadow of Conspiracy realy looks awefull and trashi…. couldn't even watch the full video of it. Hurts my brain to watch 🤢

  11. Getting Quantic Dream storytelling vibes from Project M and I dig it.

  12. No amount of detailed assets can save these games from horrific animations.
    (excluding the motion captured S.Korean 1)

  13. Most of these will probably never come out and definitely not by 2023

  14. Hey Chinese/Korean Devs, give us more GAMES and less "projects"! I'm tired of that "The Next Upcoming Game ̷t̷h̷a̷t̷ ̷N̷E̷V̷E̷R̷ ̷a̷r̷r̷i̷v̷e̷s̷.̷ " bs.

  15. Caccia는 넷플에 영화로 나와도 존나 재밌을듯 아케인처럼

  16. KIll animations couldn't be more stupid in the second game…

  17. NInja theory used to make games with awesome mechanics and jugability, but hellblade looks like a film unplayable.

  18. Even watching one of these fully the whole day would make my mood

  19. Hmm, none of these really grabbed my interest like "OMG when does this come out?!" … I was really just thinking "Damn, these are pretty nice cinematics," and admiring some of the shaders, particle effects and just how the scenes were put together.

    These cinematics are definitely really high quality work with great artwork and design, but very few of them really made much sense or gave any indication of what gameplay would be like (all I can tell ya for sure is that it'll be very different from these cinematic cut scenes).

    Some of them, like the girl with the lion, were really confusing sorts of "WTF" moments that really just irk your nerves and annoy you more than anything else, lol … she starts off seeming like she's sexually aroused by the old man's painting, about to have an orgasm, but then it starts a strange scene in which she's literally got a sword and she won't keep the point of it between the lion and herself like any sensible human being and instead she's trying to run from a creature you cannot outrun and trying to take cover and hide when it's not possible and makes no sense (all of which would get you killed, instantly, if you were confronted by an aggressive male lion). Then she goes from acting totally dumb and helpless, unable to simply think aim sharp point at huge lion and at least fend it off a bit, to suddenly making some kind of spectacular über-ninja-mode slow motion kill as it's flying through the air … wtf … c'mon man, that raised more questions than it answered and I don't even want to ask those questions now, lol

  20. The first 2 in the video are looking so dammn good that i really wanna play them now

  21. Shadow of Conspiracy 2 & Stalker 2 look awesome , alot of the others seem like cutscenes. A decent FPS is needed on console , literally isnt one

  22. Videogames aren't movies nor the real life, only the casuals with low standards care about the graphics when they play videogames 😃, ooooh "iNsaNE graphics!", lol learn what a videogame is dude.

  23. Why are the videos so low quality though. When I looked up Nhaga Eater there is a high quality video of it on Youtube but in your video it was low res. But also I'm not hyped for graphics if there is no gameplay.

  24. Hey doesn't this remind you guy's of Kojima works I hope Kojima is behind it because this looks Goooood like damn 😳 the stealth first person and 3rd person player mmmmhhhh I'm hyped

  25. Shadow of Conspiracy brings up some Blade Runner vibes that are awesome.

  26. What kind of sick people doing all this :)) can't we just comeback to 80s-90s style stories with insane graphics?)) Less of that monsters crap and more kind of a fairy tale 🤣

  27. sadly, more bullshit that the world doesn’t need. thank you for alerting us to this nonsense so we can avoid it!

  28. every games looks insane but looks like i have to buy another 2tb for store these games

  29. hellblade 2 and jedi survivor will be awesome

  30. Graphics is OK and nice, that's true. But it's not graphics that makes games feel unrealistic, it's real-time animation. Characters still move much like they moved 15 years ago, they motion is jerky, movement speed is unrealistic. This currently needs work much more than visuals.

  31. i'm amazed by the graphics of these new generation of games! When this goes on like this, then i predict that in 10 years from now new movies will be all made
    with a computer and actors will need to find another job, and programmers will become the new rich celebs

  32. Project E is just some chinese Dark Souls wanna be lets be real here ppl. Trailers all look decent but gameplay is all that matters and ofc graphics of actual game not how trailer looks. Section 2 and Stalker seems to me as great games. Since Shadow of Mordor released he lacked an epic game in gaming community, with few titles as exceptions.

  33. Believe me one day in gaming era you gonna fly with your characters

  34. Games was good before grafic came out , you know.

  35. Shadow of a Conspiracy probably wins the best FPS graphics and the worst AI in the history of videogames. If they fix that, it will surely be an attractive title (and also not having a scripted gameplay like Stalker 2 and Metro has us accustomed to).

  36. Boring, always just murder and manslaughter, stupid opponents, no real AI. The only thing that has been improved is the graphics.

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