BEST Upcoming Metroidvania Indie Games: Steam Next Festival | June 2022 -

BEST Upcoming Metroidvania Indie Games: Steam Next Festival | June 2022

Best Indie Games
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The Steam Next Festival (June 2022) is live and brings with it a TON of demos, so let’s begin with metroidvanias.

00:00 ► Start
00:26 ► #11 GigaSword :
00:49 ► #10 Astronite :
01:42 ► #9 Zapling Bygone :
02:08 ► #8 Zoria and the Cursed Land :
02:50 ► #7 Glimmer in Mirror :
03:56 ► #6 Ghost Song :
05:19 ► #5 Last Vanguard :
06:19 ► #4 Frontier Hunter: Erza’s Wheel of Fortune :
07:53 ► #3 :
08:55 ► #2 :
09:27 ► #1 :

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  1. I'd like to add Rebel: Transmute along with these titles you've shown. The demo for it is great! It does favor more into the 'Metroid' side of metroidvanias. Great list!

  2. wish there was AAA version of zoria… so we could see it's XXX videos😂😂

  3. I actually just played Tarnishing of Juxtria right before watching this. I wasn't expecting much because that title is a bit rough… but the gameplay was solid for a demo and the artwork was stellar. The real highlight though were the two bosses. They were some of the better 2D bosses I've faced in ages.

  4. Moonscares looks great. This new era of "blasphemous" style mv's is great! last faith is another one in the genre I'm excited for

  5. Damn all those games look so stiff and janky to play, most of 2d ones use this lazy art style where everything pivots around joints instead of having proper animations on top of that. All the maps look empty with nicely drawn background but fk all else on them.

    Meh saved me some time with this vid so I won’t be checking any of those thanks

  6. Ok Moonscar that looked cool might have to pick that up

  7. cool das du die videos machst aber auf DE wäre auch sehr schön 😉

  8. Metroidvania games are the games like metroid or castlevania so please stop adding games that doesn't have nothing to do with metroidvania games

  9. Pls, there are metroidvania games with no pixel art 2D scrolling?

  10. I loved almost every game here mentioned this was such an awesome list I’m gonna be getting a lot from here thanks for this one m8 🙂

  11. I thought it will be The Last Faith at first place.

  12. #7 reminds me of ender lilies a bit, maybe its ranged version? ~~
    Moonscars looks so slick, i expected an animation more like #3 but it is amazing instead

  13. I avoid and skip those Souls-like, the tag somehow annoys and I'm never to sure how similar this is to certain titles, which is why I can't way for the banner to show up and tell me.

  14. The Tarnishing of Juxtia is a great looking game and the demo was awesome, but it is not Metroidvania. The world might be interconnected, but there will be no ability based procession system, which disqualifies any game from being a Metroidvania.

  15. This isn't meant badly, but not sure what makes Moonscars look so interessting, at least at first glance I would go past it.

  16. Moonscars looks great and quite similar to the equally awesome, upcoming game The Last Faith.
    Unfortunately unlike TLF it seems to only on be on steam initially and not available on consoles unless I'm wrong.

  17. As a pro game dev I must not stick to metroidvanias and play various genres.But alas, this channel always spoils me

  18. This even is no joke. I downloaded 80 DEMOS and played around 30 only yesterday. Selaco and Trepang2 absolutely stole the show for me so far.
    To be honest I was disappointed by Juxtia, not what I was expecting but maybe it gets better once we get some skills.
    Just tried Moonscars, it SLAYS.

  19. I love the way you comment every video, and it shows your love for gaming and respect for developers. Thank you for your efforts. Btw, #7 Glimmer in Mirror has this Ori and the Blind forest vibe I love.

  20. "Frontier Hunter: Erza's wheel of fortune" does borrow a lot from "Bloodstained: Ritual of the night" but also mixes in elements from "Trine" (the character changing) and the "Tower Hunter" game: magic cores in Frontier Hunter work like Chips used to work in Tower Hunter and there are special moves like in fighting games. The dash has invincibility frames again (didn't have them in the first demo) but doesn't ignore collision, so that'll take some time getting used to.

  21. Damn, Ghost Song is pretty. It didn't catch my eye last time you featured it but it clicked this time. That and Nine Sols are my picks.

  22. Ghost Song gets me excited everytime I see a trailer.

  23. For anyone looking for an all time great Metroidvania that did not get the coverage it should have, check out Aeterna Noctis. Difficult and rewarding, the gameplay elements are fantastic and was shocked to see it not get the love it should. Definitely get it if you are looking for a top notch game.

  24. Hey there! I decided to comb through the trailers for a bunch of games in this event and wanted to point some of them:

    Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior actually seems a ton better than the first few seconds of the trailer would lead you to believe. It's neat to see the Fight of Gods/Animals devs make a game where the main attraction is game elements beyond rollback (though it'll also have rollback, of course).

    Scrap Riders seems like something you would like

    Hammer of Virtue seems like a pretty solid meme game, to the point that calling it a meme game is slightly under-serving it.

  25. Damn all of these looks like real bangers. I have been a long time playstation gamer but ever since I couldn't purchase a ps5, I switched to my humble pc. And thanks to you I have learned all these awesome indie games.

  26. Boy I hope Glimmer in Mirror gets console ports…

  27. Glimmer In Mirror looks like it is influenced by Child of Light a little bit, art-wise.

  28. excellent lineup! My steam wishlist and library is made up of your metroidvania videos

  29. This summer it will be epic for Indie Games Fans🤩

  30. Oh hell yes. I played the demo for Moonscars yesterday. It is up the with The Last Faith for me. Cannot wait for its release.

  31. glimmer in mirror 🪞 the best
    thx for the info 🙏🏻

  32. is there list of previous steam next festival games?

  33. Thanks for giving a shoutout. You're a gem!

  34. I already have most of these wishlisted, but it's still a fantastic list. I'm looking forward to these games so much.

  35. I became very picky with 2d side scrollers with every game becoming these Souls esque, Hollow knight inspirred games. They put so much work on Art, while majority of these games look gorgeous their design often feels uninspired, bores me out.

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