Best VR Games of ALL TIME -

Best VR Games of ALL TIME

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Just got a new VR headset? Here are the best games you need to download right now.

We love virtual reality. In fact, we love it so much that we released the Logitech G333 for Oculus Quest 2 to enrich your VR experience with dual dynamic drivers for booming bass, as well as handy cable management to make sure you don’t get tied in knots. But whether you’re looking at Steam’s VR selection, or the store on Oculus Quest, things can get totally overwhelming. You know VR is brilliant but you have no idea where to start.

So here are the best VR games of all time to download right now:

Intro 00:00
1 Beat Saber 00:58
2 The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners 01:54
3 Superhot VR 02:56
4 Half-Life: Alyx 03:57
5 Tetris Effect 04:57
6 Star Wars Squadrons 05:59
7 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR 06:58
Outro 07:55

When you want to push the boundaries of play, Play Advanced with Logitech G.

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  1. Into the Radius is a must have imo. if you like stalker and fallout you will probably love it

  2. Until we fall and virtual battlegrounds

  3. They still couldnt get superhot VR footage

    nvm they have 2 seconds

  4. #MoreMaddie Beat Saber hasn't been the same since the workshop got removed. I am eyeing up Half-Life Alyx tho. I just want to touch EVERYTHING.

  5. "Just got a new VR headset?" dude are you looking at my credit card statemen??

  6. when can we see a VR headset from Logitech?

  7. Still really enjoying the content. Glad you guys keep making these.

  8. I like how they like to use super hot footage instead of superhot vr footage any chance they could get

  9. i have a feeling this channel is run by an ai now

  10. I use by for some live streams you know which site i am talking about 😎😎

  11. Hopefully the new Test Drive Unlimited has VR, no sign of Forza Horizon 5 getting it so that's a no-buy for me.

  12. Wow. I just bought my self a 2000$ vr set with the newest tech. Let's play pong.

  13. Should have read best PC VR games , as where is ASTROBOT ? Not for all I know , but this platformer is crammed with content and the one game that made me smile , laugh , get hooked And rekindle my appreciation of video games in VR , plus NO motion sickness , a side effect which is SOOOO underplayed by the VR video game industry 😊👍

  14. For space fans, I can't recommend enough to get No Man's Sky and Elite Dangerous.
    Elite Dangerous in VR is so surreal. But No Man's Sky is easier to get your head around and you can get out of your ship. Both games equally amazing with hundreds of hours of playability; which is what I look for in a VR game.

  15. It would be nice if the video went straight to the point rather than repeat the title of the video for 1 minute…

  16. One game I can’t recommend enough is Asgard’s wrath. It’s a full AAA vr fantasy rpg game, and it’s really freaking fun.

  17. VTOL vr is really really good simplistic but soooooooo much fun good mods for it too

  18. If you put on half life Alex then you have to put on bone works

  19. this video is useless if it doesn't contain Asgard's Wrath

  20. Got me a quest 2 to see if I like vr and half life alyx has impressed me beyond belief. I am so hooked now but still not ready to fork out $1700.

  21. I am not a possessed rat trust me i'm not says:

    Dad: OKAY FINE for your birthday I got you a VR headset what games are you gonna play?
    Me: TETRIS! 😀

  22. GTA SA is gonna come on Oculus Quest 2

  23. Какой же раздражающий у неё голос.

  24. Half-life Alyx has certainly made a new benchmark for VR game standards so hopefully other companies can develop games that can surmount that standard in the future

  25. Wall of the wizard is recommendable as well

  26. How can you place tetris effect above half life alyx? Half life alyx is by far the best game

  27. Arizona sunshine for a coop zombie shooter is amazing
    and for space fans Lone Echo is on another level

  28. They really put The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners and Superhot VR over Half life alyx bruh

  29. nobody talks about boneworks enough. some people pass it off as a tech demo.

    i am so tired of hearing that.

  30. If you think those are the best VR games you skipt playing LONE ECHO. You should try it out and be blown away by what vr is capable of.

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